The 10 Creepiest Jokes In The MCU

For better and worse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its sense of humor and its mostly lighthearted take on the superhero genre. Every movie is peppered with quotable one-liners and other hijinks, but not all of these jokes are destined to become beloved memes or make fans laugh.

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At best, some otherwise memorable jokes just left weird implications in their wake. Additionally, other jokes just fell flat. Some jokes in the MCU bordered on being creepy at best or even downright insensitive at worst, which is evident in several of the franchise’s films.

10 Spider-Man: No Way Home – The Awkward Implications About Peter-2’s Organic Web-Shooters

As the biggest live-action Spider-Man crossover ever, Spider-Man: No Way Home acknowledged the fanbase’s longest-running meme. This was the possibility of Peter-2 (the Spider-Man of Sam Raimi’s trilogy) having “biologically correct” web-shooters. Simply put, everyone (including audiences) wondered if Peter-2 could shoot webs from his backside like a spider.

Peter-2 denied such allegations during his silly conversation with his multiverse variants and compared his web-shooting to something as natural as breathing. While Peter-2 can not eject webs the way a real spider does, the multiverse’s limitless possibilities mean that at least one Spider-Man variant does shoot webs from their behind.

9 Spider-Man: Far From Home – Brad Davis Caught Peter Parker With His Pants Down

Brad had an obvious crush on MJ, and he spent the majority of his screen time finding ways to get one over Peter so that he could get close to her. This meant taking a very compromising picture of Peter with his pants down in the bathroom and using it as potential blackmail material or character assassination later on.

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Brad was so confident in his victory over Peter that he never realized how creepy it was to take a classmate’s picture while they were in the bathroom. Luckily, MJ pointed this out during Brad’s moment of triumph, and the tables quickly turned on him. Now, Brad has the reputation of being a creep among his classmates and teachers.

8 Hawkeye – Some Tracksuit Bros. Become Owl Food

During the final fight at the public ice skating rink, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop used a multitude of trick arrows to level their chances against the tracksuit mafia. When a couple of tracksuit bros rushed their truck at the archers, Kate fired the first arrow she got from Clint’s quiver at it. Problem is, it happened to be a Pym Particle arrow.

Before Clint or Kate could do anything about the now-shrunken mafia members, an owl swooped in and took the truck with it. It’s safe to assume that the owl ate them or fed them to its chicks. Given how Hawkeye was a lighthearted buddy-comedy set during the holiday season, this was a jarringly grim way for some otherwise goofball tracksuit mafia members to die.

To escape a depressing reality where her loved ones were dead, Wanda trapped the town of Westview in an illusion where she lived her ideal life. Wanda’s escapism manifested in sitcom pastiches where she and Vision were the stars of typical sitcom hijinks while the townspeople were their supporting cast. That being said, no one consented to this.

Using her divine powers, Wanda brainwashed Westview’s populace into playing out her fantasies. Worse, everyone was somewhat sentient and aware that they were acting against their will. WandaVision’s early joke and laugh track-filled moments have an undeniable dark undertone around them that only become more disturbing on a rewatch.

6 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 – Drax Thought Mantis Was A “Pet”

When the Guardians returned in the sequel, so did Drax’s lack of respect and tact. Drax’s lack of social etiquette was shown at its peak when he had a heartfelt conversation with Mantis. Here, he described her as disgusting and ugly while comparing her to a pet. Mantis took these as compliments.

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Obviously, this is all par for the course for writer / director James Gunn’s brand of crass fun. That being said, Drax casually referring to Mantis as a revolting pet can come across as needlessly insensitive to some people. Luckily, Gamora called out Drax about this and reassured Mantis that she was not ugly.

5 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1 – Drax Casually Called Gamora A Slur

Drax’s entire gimmick is that he takes everything literally, which translates to him stating the most obvious observations. This sometimes leads to hilarious lines, but it can also lead to unnecessary and creepy jokes. When he was complimenting his newfound friends during the movie’s climax, Drax referred to the otherwise heroic Groot as a “dumb tree.”

However, in the same scene, he called Gamora a “green wh ** e” without any provocation. The Guardians Of The Galaxy movies were always raunchy, but this odd and creepy outburst was uncalled for.

4 Captain Marvel – A Biker Hits On Carol Danvers

When Vers (a brainwashed Carol Danvers) followed a trail of clues back to her possible origin on Earth, she stole a random biker’s motorcycle and a jacket from a nearby store. This was actually a shortened version of a longer scene where the aforementioned biker flirted with Vers and was promptly put in his place.

The scene in question is not creepy because Vers (who was still under the belief that she was a supremacist Kree soldier) responded with hurting his hand, but because the biker’s first instinct upon seeing a stranger with a map was to flirt. Of course, the divisive movie’s detractors used this deleted scene as proof that Captain Marvel was unlikable.

3 Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Tony Stark Humors The Idea Of Reviving Prima Nocta

During a party, the Avengers have a drinking game where they all take turns trying to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. As the hammer’s rules state, anyone who lifts Mjolnir would become the rightful ruler of Asgard. After Tony clarifies this rule, he then casually mentions that he’d reinstate the tradition of prima nocta should he lift Mjolnir.

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For those unfamiliar, prima nocta (or “lord’s night”) is a long-phased out tradition that gave any monarch the right to have sexual relations with any bride right after her wedding. Tony had a history of being a playboy, but he supposedly outgrew this after Iron Man. His joke of reviving prima nocta is a creepy regression of character.

2 Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Everything About Bruce Banner And Natasha Romanoff’s Romance

As a follow-up to the landmark The Avengers, Age Of Ultron was an odd exercise in taking two juvenile steps backward. One of the sequel’s worst offenses was its handling of Bruce and Natasha’s romance because it was not sure if it was supposed to be a joke or a serious matter. Worse, even their fellow heroes thought it was a punchline.

During the opening battle, Tony joked that the two were playing “hide the zucchini.” Later when the genocidal Ultron first came online, Bruce fell on Natasha’s chest, throwing the scene’s stakes awry. These raunchy jokes became inappropriate and creepy in hindsight when, later, Natasha revealed that she was forcibly sterilized during her time in the Black Widow Program.

1 Black Widow – Yelena Belova Makes Light Of The Red Room’s Forced Sterilization

After getting broken out of prison, Alexei Shostakov tried (and failed) to lighten the mood by making an inappropriate joke about Yelena’s temper being the result of her “time of the month.” Natasha and Yelena then remind him that, thanks to the Red Room’s forced hysterectomies, they could not menstruate anymore due to their lack of a uterus.

All of this was played for morbid laughs, so much so that Yelena even offered to painstakingly explain the procedure to her adoptive father. What made this exchange creepy and weird is that, previously in Age Of Ultronthis surgery weighs heavily on Natasha’s mind.

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