Moon Knight Confirms the One Marvel Hero He Respects

One of Marvel Comics’ most dangerously violent and utterly focused vigilantes, Moon Knightusually works alone while eliminating the evil-doers of the night, but in one particular instance, he partners up with an antihero who is arguably more ferocious in his crime-fighting methods – a hero Moon Knight actually respects.

Marc Spector was a mercenary who became Moon Knight after he was left for dead following a job in Egypt where he was saved by the Moon God Khonshu and imbued with his cosmic power. From that point on, Spector – and by association his alter egos Steven Grant and Jake Lockley – took on the role of being a supernaturally-powered protector of the night, though his methods may have been a bit unsavory for most Marvel superheroes. Moon Knight is a brutal antihero who is not afraid to maim, or even kill, to carry out his missions which means he works alone more often than not, aside from his usual information-gathering associates.


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In Marc Spector: Moon Knight # 25 by Howard Mackie and Mark Bagley, Moon Knight is faced with the threat of a terrorist group that was actually inspired by Khonshu called Knights of the Moon. In this issue, members of the organization had invaded Liberty Island in New York City and were killing anyone who was within shooting distance. After the group proved to be a bit too much for Moon Knight to handle alone, another supernatural creature of the night suddenly appeared in an explosion of hellfire: Ghost Rider.

Moon Knight reveals the one hero he respects.

A few members of the Knights of the Moon took a vantage point high above Moon Knight, and while that proved troublesome for Moon Knight, Ghost Rider took them out in an instant. Moon Knight, completely taken aback by Ghost Rider’s power, says to himself, “How does he do that?”Indicating that he is greatly impressed by Ghost Rider. Plus, later in the issue when the two decide to officially work together to stop this terrorist threat, Ghost Rider simply tells Moon Knight to get on his Hell Cycle so they can take down the leader, to which Moon Knight comments, “Man — or whatever — of few words. I can respect that.

Moon Knight’s decision to consistently work alone is not because he does not want help from other heroes, but that other heroes aren’t inclined to work with him because of his methods. Ghost Rider, however, is arguably more brutal when handling evil-doers, so he had no qualms about partnering up with Moon Knight. Since Ghost Rider’s methods as well as his demeanor matched his own, and his power proved to far exceed his own (at least as it stood in this issue), the Spirit of Vengeance earned Moon Knight‘s respect.

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