10 Lessons The Rest Of The MCU Can Learn From Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is an exciting film that definitely has its unique qualities. It employs elements that differentiate itself from other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) projects.The film definitely introduces different concepts that are entertaining and interesting to fans.

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Multiverse of Madness focuses on Doctor Stephen Strange’s unique experiences with the unknown multiverse while portraying Scarlet Witch in a different light. The multiverse, magic, moments of horror, and new characters fans see in this film are unique and fun. Overall, there are many ideas included in this Doctor Strange movie that the rest of the MCU can learn from.

10 Fans Like To See Great Moments From Side Characters

Side characters are just as important to focus on as the main characters. Although it’s great to see Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch’s scenes, it’s just as enjoyable to watch scenes were Wong and America Chavez get to shine. Wong is not only one of Doctor Strange’s best friends, but is also a powerful sorcerer who becomes his superior.

Wong shows great leadership during Scarlet Witch’s attacks, helps protect America Chavez, and supports Stephen. As for America, her powers are explored, her background is shown, and fans get to see her use impressive magic. By having more focus on incredible side characters, the audience can get a better appreciation for more people in movies.

9 Different Forms Of Magic Is Always Fun To See

Exploring different forms of magic is a fun experience for fans. The audience gets to see more of Doctor Strange and Wong’s fascinating magical abilities to create portals and defensive shields. The audience also gets to witness America Chavez’s rare and exciting power to travel to different universes.

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Scarlet Witch’s incredible powers that she acquires from using the Darkhold, a grimoire containing evil spells, is also a focus. With help from the Darkhold, Scarlet Witch can manipulate reality and possess the bodies of her variants from other universes. Seeing these types of magic and connecting them to the plot is a great element for MCU films.

8 Not Showing The Perfect Love Story Can Be Meaningful

Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer have one of the best MCU romances and even though they did not get the perfect ending, their story is just as meaningful. Doctor Strange begins with Stephen seeing his universe’s Christine, the woman he loves, get married. It’s clear Stephen did not really have closure with his Christine, but meeting her variant and learning why they did not work out in another universe helps Stephen move on.

Witnessing a love story that does not end in a relationship can be as meaningful as seeing the perfect relationship. Fans can learn that not every relationship is destined to work out for characters, just like in real life. However, people can learn from every relationship that they’ve been in. They can still have respect for that person and grow from the experience.

7 Characters Learning About Variants Of Themselves Is Fascinating

An engaging part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is Doctor Strange meeting and learning about variants of himself. In the beginning, Doctor Strange learns about a version of himself who would sacrifice America Chavez to prevent her power from getting into the wrong hands. Stephen learns from the actions of his variant and chooses to act differently.

Later on, Doctor Strange meets a version of himself who gets corrupted by the Darkhold. This contributes to his restraint with dark magic. Stephen also learns how to move on from Christine Palmer by seeing many versions of him who also aren’t right for her. Overall, Doctor Strange’s variants help him learn more about himself and grow.

6 Seeing New Variants Is Interesting For Fans

Introducing new variants of characters is exciting. One scene that stood out is when Doctor Strange meets the Illuminati in another universe. Fans get to see a new variant of Captain Marvel who is not Carol Danvers and exciting characters like Reed Richards. Fans also get to see variants of Peggy Carter and Professor X who they have not seen before.

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Fans can also notice the differences and similarities to MCU versions they have already seen. Such as, Peggy having a new role as Captain Carter but still showcasing the same determination the Peggy in Captain America: The First Avenger does. Professor X’s wisdom is similar to the Professor X fans have seen in the X-Men franchise. Overall, the idea of ​​variants is fun to explore and leaves fans wanting more.

5 Bringing The X-Men Franchise Characters Into The MCU Is A Magnificent Idea

The characters from the X-Men franchises are fan favorites and having them in the MCU would be a wonderful addition. Doctor Strange introduces a variant of Professor X who makes fans excited for more fantastic X-Men stories and characters that may enter the MCU.

The X-Men characters have intriguing abilities that can help the MCU characters fight their enemies and make for interesting interactions. Having Doctor Strange interact with Professor X is a powerful moment as Professor X shares his wisdom and allows Doctor Strange to go free. These types of interactions are interesting and bringing back beloved characters from the X-Men films will be a treat for fans.

4 Making A Well Known Character The Villain Is Interesting

The villain being a character fans already know and love can be intriguing. Since fans know Scarlet Witch through many MCU projects, it’s hard for them to see her as the antagonist. The audience has gotten to know her as a hero for years, and seeing her lose her brother, Vision, and children makes them sympathize with her.

Fans can understand Scarlet Witch’s motives in depth even though they do not condone her actions. This type of scenario allows Scarlet Witch to be a unique, multi-faceted antagonist that fans root for and want to better understand. With the right development, these situations can be intriguing.

3 LGBTQ + Representation In Movies Is Important And Should Be Included More

Diverse representation is incredibly important, especially for the LGBTQ + community. In the past, Marvel movies did not have many LGBTQ + characters. However, that’s been changing with characters in Lokithe Eternalsand most recently, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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America Chavez is a Latina superhero and a member of the LGBTQ + community. In the comics, America is a lesbian and was raised by two moms. That being said, America represents many individuals who have not historically been represented much in the media. Having this diversity on the big screen can help people feel seen and help the audience learn more about diverse characters.

2 Characters Showing Their Vulnerability Is Impactful

Characters showcasing their grief and vulnerability is just as moving as showing their strength and power. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet Witch shows her grief over having lost Vision and her sons. The audience witnesses Scarlet Witch act out in sadness and also show remorse afterwards. Likewise, Doctor Strange shares moments of vulnerability as he struggles over his feelings for Christine and the actions of his variants.

Overall, it’s important for movies to show real grief, vulnerability, and emotions. It can be a powerful way to help fans understand characters’ motives, and it adds depth to the plot. Genuine vulnerability on screen also shows that anyone, even powerful beings, can have feelings.

1 The Multiverse Is An Intriguing Concept To Keep Exploring

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the multiverse gets explored and developed in an intriguing way. Watching different universes with new characters as well as variants of well known characters come to life is thrilling. In Multiverse of Madness fans embark on a journey to unique places, discover different forms of magic, and meet new characters with unique abilities.

With the multiverse, there is no limit to what the MCU can explore. Marvel can create brand-new worlds with new rules, bring back previous characters, and show new forms of magic – all of which are all interesting and entertaining elements fans can enjoy.

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