Oscar Isaac Talks Trying To Sneak MCU’s First F-Bomb Into Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac has revealed his inspiration for trying to sneak an F-bomb into Marvel’s Moon Knight series. Moon Knight, which is currently releasing weekly on Disney +, stars Isaac as Marc Spector. Marc is a mercenary-turned-supernatural-hero, who struggles to balance his super-powered destiny with his Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID). Appearing as both altars in his DID system, the mild-mannered British museum worker Steven Grant and the darker Spector, Isaac manages to play both the meek everyman and the strong-willed action hero.

Moon Knight has been warmly welcomed by Marvel fans for its darker and more character-driven approach to the popular comic series. Its tone is reminiscent, for some, of the long-praised Marvel Netflix shows such as Daredevil. Despite the more violent and cerebral tones of recent projects, the MCU has still yet to make certain adult-oriented milestones, the most notable of which is the use of explicit language. Despite the film classification rule of allowing every PG-13 or TV-MA production, such as Moon Knightto have one use of the F-word, Marvel is seemingly yet to take advantage of it.


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In a Screen Rant exclusive interview, Isaac revealed that he did almost manage to sneak an F-bomb into Moon Knight, but was ultimately unsuccessful. While discussing a confrontational scene between Marc and Steven, Isaac revealed that he and his brother (who doubles for the character) based the scene on an internet meme. Isaac explained that the self-punch involving the polite Steven was based on a video of a young English boy, who is punched in the face while rapping. Isaac acknowledges the recognizable meme but admits that while he “did a lot of takes”Using the line, ultimately, the final cut of the Moon Knight scene did not actually include him swearing. Read his full interview quote below:

“My brother and I, there’s this meme that we think is really, really funny. It’s this English kid that’s got a tie on his head. He’s rapping, and then just a punch comes out of nowhere and punches him and he goes,” Oh, f ** k, I can not believe you’ve done this! “A lot of people know what I’m talking about. And so I was like,” We’ve got to find an opportunity to do that. “

And this seemed like the perfect time to do it. So I did it. I did a lot of takes where I actually say, “Oh, f ** k” and I thought, in Disney, because it’s TV or whatever, that you get one F-bomb. But ultimately, not even one. We do not even get the one, so we had to change it. But basically, that is just my homage to that. “


Despite Isaac’s revelation that the Disney + show was not able to use a single F-word, some eagle-eared viewers were certain they’d heard one slip into Moon Knight episode 2. During an argument between Marc and Steven in that episode, Isaac appears to utter the phrase “Shut the f ** k up!” as he smashes a mirror in anger. At the time, this line seemed to potentially mark the MCU’s first F-bomb, but Isaac has now confirmed that wasn’t the case but was purely an Internet myth. Social media speculation and memes aside, however, Moon Knight continues to impress fans of the original comics and, despite its lack of swear-words, the series has been seen as a refreshing and unique departure from previous MCU projects.

While Isaac’s cult-meme Easter egg never came to be, it makes clear just how much fun the actor has had crafting Moon KnighIt may also lead to a few fan edits imagining what the F-bomb moment could have looked like if it had made it to the screen. Still, the possibility of further in-jokes and boundary-pushing are just some of the reasons that Moon Knight episode 5 and 6 are so early awaited, after the recent Moon Knight episode 4 twist ending changed the entire story.

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