Spider-Man, She-Hulk and More Get New Hellfire Gala Outfits

Marvel’s mutants will not be the only ones serving looks at this year’s Hellfire Gala.

X-Men artist Russell Dauterman has offered a look at his Hellfire Gala designs for several Marvel Comics characters, including four non-mutant characters: Doctor Doom, She-Hulk, Black Widow and Spider-Man. Dauterman also showed off Hellfire Gala designs for seven mutant characters (check those out here), bringing the total number of pieces on display up to 11.

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“I’m so thrilled to do all this design work!” Dauterman told Marvel. “My general thought with the Gala designs is that they should be high fashion super hero costumes – looks that reflect the characters’ personalities, and could work on a runway or a battlefield.”


“Doom is pretty over-the-top generally, so I picked fashion elements to heighten that – going for a baroque, regal look,” Dauterman said of Victor von Doom’s Hellfire Gala attire. “He’s got a heavy fur cloak with train, a Roman toga-inspired sash and a more decorative mask. “While Doctor Doom is one of Krakoa’s biggest detractors, Marvel explains that the ruler of Latveria” would not dare snub an invite. “


Next up is Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next live-action stars. “I designed a Chanel-inspired logo symbol for Jen – and tried to emphasize her muscles by contrasting them with delicate things: flowy fabric, thin heels, pearls,” Dauterman said of Shulkie’s design.

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As for Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff’s outfit, Dauterman explained, “I did some variations of this as a dress, but I like it best as a catsuit – sleek and sexy, but also stealthy. The face covering is a nod to Natasha’s look in her first appearance [in Tales of Suspense #52]. “


Finally, there’s Spider-Man, who sports a hi-tech version of his suit. While the black and red aesthetic is most commonly associated with the Miles Morales version of Spidey, the tags used at the bottom of Marvel’s article suggest that this is indeed Peter Parker. Spider-Man is evidently looking to make an impression after not being invited to last year’s Hellfire Gala. “This is meant to be a more dramatic, futuristic version of a Spider-Man costume,” Dauterman said. “The bodysuit recedes into darkness, so the glowing spider symbol and geometric accents pop.”

X-Men: Hellfire Gala # 1 is due to hit comic shops on Wednesday, June 29. A number of creators have already been confirmed for the oversized special, including writer Gerry Duggan and artists Matteo Lolli, Carlos Villa, Kris Anka and Dauterman. The comic features a main cover by Dauterman and Matthew Wilson.

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“NEW TEAM REVEALED!” the comic’s solicitation text reads. “At last year’s gala, mutants changed the face of the solar system, terraforming Mars and claiming it for mutantkind. Do you think you can afford to miss this year’s gala, all contained in this one over-sized issue !?”

X-Men: Hellfire Gala # 1 goes on sale June 29 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel Comics

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