Miles Morales’ Hellfire Gala Look Needs To Be Spider-Man’s New Costume

Marvel’s Spider-Man has one of the most iconic costumes in comic book history, but even icons must change from time to time. The original suit worn by Peter Parker also had a black-and-red variant that was worn by Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of Brooklyn. Miles has worn the same superhero outfit for over a decade (with one major exception), but the upcoming Hellfire Gala event reveals another suit that breaks the Spider-mold … and should be seriously considered as the superhero’s main uniform.

Peter Parker’s original suit, designed by Steve Ditko, was quite a revelation in costume design for superheroes. The pattern of webs across the entire outfit allowed artists to easily convey movement much easier than through solid colors (unlike the Flash’s suit, for example). It was also one of the first major superhero suits to cover the character’s entire body; no exposed hands or face. This allowed readers to more easily imaging themselves as Spider-Man, regardless of age, ethnicity, sex and other physical characteristics. Miles Morales wore a very similar suit until 2021 – but not all fans were satisfied with the new design.


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Designed by a young fashion design aficionado whom Spider-Man saved, the new suit breaks the tradition of a form-fitting costume in favor of a baggy sweatshirt, red eyes instead of white, a face mask, and losing the web pattern. Fans were not entirely pleased with the design, but the latest iteration of Miles’ suit is a blend of the old and the shockingly new. Designer Russell Dauterman has reimagined Spider-Man in time for the next Hellfire Gala event of 2022 and it’s the most drastic departure from the Ditko design in wallcrawler history.

The primary dark-blue layer is punctuated by a bright-red geometric pattern on Miles’ boots and gloves – but only around his feet and fingers. The white eyes have returned, albeit with a red-tinted glow. Perhaps the most apparent feature is the offset Spider-Man logo, which is no longer a small icon on the hero’s chest but is instead centered on the right shoulder and extending all through the torso and back. The suit also is not entirely form-fitting, as spines protrude from Miles’ calves.

This costume will certainly intrigue fans of Miles Morales, but it ought to be adopted outside of the Hellfire Gala as well. Miles has often struggled to find his identity in the 616 universe, especially since both Peter Parker and his clone Ben Reilly both exist and operate in New York City. Spider-Man deserves a brand-new costume, but the old design is still one of the best costumes Marvel has ever designed; whether or not the Hellfire Gala look will be used after the event remains to be seen.

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