Love and Thunder’s Gorr and Moon Knight Avatar?

The following contains spoilers for the first three episodes of Moon Knight, available now on Disney +.

The Thor: Love and Thunder teaser has caused major speculation among fans since its release this week. One popular fan theory appearing on Reddit suggests that the film’s main villain Gorr has significant ties to Moon Knight. The theory suggests that not only is Gorr set to appear in the Disney + show through a post-credits scene, but that he will also be revealed as the original avatar of Ammit, the Egyptian goddess currently represented by Arthur Harrow.

The complete theory is that Gorr went against Ammit’s wishes and is the catalyst for the great rift between humanity and the gods that is referenced in Steven Grant’s book during Moon Knight‘s first episode. Gorr found the All-Black Necrosword and made an attempt to attack the gods, but was imprisoned. The post-credits scene will show Gorr breaking out of this imprisonment and start to seek his vengeance upon the gods of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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This is a compelling theory given the rumors that the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer was delayed due to Moon Knight and the first official teaser for the film did not show Gorr at all. It is not implausible to have Gorr appear during Moon Knight; he is referred to as “the God Butcher,” and Moon Knight is establishing gods who aren’t too fond of helping anyone, so they would be an excellent target for Gorr to start his killing spree with. The Moon Knight team have also been hiding Easter eggs and references to Thor and the Norse gods within the series, so some kind of integration between the two properties would not be surprising.

There may also be further hints in the character’s redesign for the upcoming film. Christian Bale’s Gorr looks drastically different and more human than the original comic version of the villain. From the various action figure leaks it looks like Gorr is wearing robes akin to what a pharaoh or Egyptian priest might wear. The All-Black Necrosword also appears more like something that would have been used during ancient Greek and Egyptian times as opposed to the more fantastical aesthetic of the original. While the redesign could just have been to simplify the character’s look for shooting, it also makes it easier to fit the new Gorr into Moon Knight.

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There is one elephant in the room that needs to be addressed if the theory is true, however. Moon Knight‘s third episode did contain a significant reference to the Ramma-Tut version of Kang. It would make much more sense to have Kang be the original avatar of Ammit, because in the comics Kang convinces his subjects to worship him instead of the gods. Such an act would definitely cause a rift between the gods and humans while also being more comics-accurate. Gorr has no direct connection to Earth in the comics, so making the human character would require a significant rewrite.

Regardless, Moon Knight‘s Gorr idea is an interesting theory to contemplate, especially after the villain’s notable absence from the first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer. It’s not uncommon for the MCU to tease its characters in other properties or look for ways to connect them with each other, and Gorr’s appearance would definitely give Moon Knight viewers something to talk about. The question is if Marvel is willing to update the character to match him up with the TV series before his big-screen debut.

New episodes of Moon Knight stream Wednesdays on Disney +.

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