Marvel’s Avengers Update Makes Major Changes

Marvel’s Avengers has seen a bit of a rough reception since it launched in September 2020. While the game was briefly a top seller in the US and UK, it saw mediocre reviews and a rapidly dwindling player base. However, despite a lackluster performance over the last few years, publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics continue to support Marvel’s Avengers with regular updates.

Version 2.3 launched on Tuesday, March 29th. Initially intended for a March 24th release, update 2.3 introduces several substantial changes to Marvel’s Avengers. These include streamlining missions, War Table adjustments, an overhauled new player experience, and the return of a fan-favorite character.


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Most of the changes are to how the War Table missions work in Marvel’s Avengers. Instead of swapping out every fifteen minutes, Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions will always be available on the Map from now on. The same is true of Vaults, which players no longer need to discover with Coordinates. Meanwhile, HIVES now appears as soon as players reach an appropriate power level for the region. Villain Sectors, meanwhile, no longer require players to visit the Faction quest giver and rotate daily for Normal mission chains and weekly for Elite mission chains. Other changes include HARM rooms having a Level requirement of one and Flashback missions no longer ending in a boss fight.

Those aren’t the only changes to the War Table in Marvel’s Avengers. As part of Update 2.3, Crystal Dynamics introduced recommended Power Level to the War Table. Marvel’s Avengers players are encouraged to visit the Eastern Seaboard at Levels 1-25, the Pacific Northwest at Levels 25-50, the Utah Badlands at Levels 50-75, the Snowy Tundra at Levels 75-100, the Future Wastelands at Level 100-125, and Wakanda at levels 100-140. The Future Wastelands also get five new Missions of various types, with one new Threat Sector Mission for the Snowy Tundra.

The other primary focus of Marvel’s Avengers’ 2.3 update is improving the onboarding process. Nick Fury is back and now serves as a guide for new players. Players will find him at the war table, and Crystal Dynamics re-recorded several tutorial lines with his voice. The patch notes add that “although this is mainly for new players, existing players can go through this process with Nick Fury to catch up with him.”

Developers have also overhauled the game’s tutorial mission so that it is less confusing and more directed. The developer removed some tutorial missions, while others are now tied to the player’s level. Crystal Dynamics hopes that these changes will help ease new players into the game. Hopefully, this allows Marvel’s Avengers to overcome its so far lackluster performance.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Source: Square Enix

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