Marvel Reportedly Bringing Man-Thing to Disney + for Halloween Special

Things have changed in the MCU as it heads deep into Phase 4, with darker times seeming to be heading for the Marvel superheroes in the form of several supernatural and horror-based characters who are set to debut on the big screen and Disney +. It seems that in addition to Marvel’s in-production projects is a new special based on the obscure character of Man-Thing. Like the reported Werewolf By Night special being created for a Halloween release, Man-Thing is rumored to be getting the same treatment, which will see Marvel going further into the dark, twisting horror world they have begun to explore.

As reported by ScreenGeek, sources have said that Man-Thing is being approached as a horror-based entry into the MCU in a Halloween Special, and they are said to be on the hunt for a big name to take on the role of the lesser-known creature from Marvel’s comics. While this is not entirely confirmed, the news was retweeted by regular Marvel information source Daniel RPK on Twitter, which does suggest there is more than just a hunch in the rumor. With Werewolf by Night already said to be getting this same treatment, it could be that Marvel is building their arsenal of supernatural beings, which already includes Blade spirit Moon Knight.


Man-Thing is effectively the Marvel equivalent of Swamp Thing, having released in May 1971 a whole two months before DC’s better-known creature made his debut. Being written by two artists who were room-mates at the time their creations came into being, it would seem that legal wrangling would be on the cards, but considering both characters seemed to come from a 1940s character called The Heap, it was all allowed to lie. While Swamp Thing has been seen in movies, cartoons, and a TV series, Man-Thing has so far only appeared on a Syfy Channel released film in 2005, and fans will be hoping for a better run out this time.

Man-Thing Has Made Very Subtle Appearances In The MCU Already

Goosebumps Author RL Stine Takes on Marvel's Man-Thing Comic

Like everything in the MCU, nothing comes from nothing. There is always a foreboding or a fleeting glance of something to herald what could come in the future. Man-Thing has been teased in this way already by appearing as an Easter Egg in Thor: Ragnarok as a carved head on a tower showing the Grandmasters former arena Champions. While this is a minor detail, which also included depictions of Beta Ray Bill and Ares, meant for those who know their comic books well, it is possible that Kevin Feige and his team were already sowing seeds.

We will now have to wait to find out more about the Man-Thing project, as with Werewolf by Night rumored to be getting a Halloween Special first, as early as this year if some reports are to be believed, then it is going to be 2023 at the earliest before Man-Thing can make his full debut into the MCU.

Goosebumps Author RL Stine Takes on Marvel's Man-Thing Comic
Goosebumps Author RL Stine Takes on Marvel’s Man-Thing Comic

RL Stine’s mysterious Marvel project is the new Man-Thing comic book series.

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