The next Batman is better than the original

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from I Am Batman # 5 that are for sale now from DC Comics.

Jace Fox has tried to establish himself as a different Dark Knight than Bruce Wayne. His goal is for his Batman to be a symbol of the people of Gotham City gathering behind rather than something for criminals to fear, and it seems he has achieved some degree of success in his mission.

IN I’m Batman # 5 (by John Ridley, Christian Duce, Juan Ferreyra, Laura Braga, Rex Lokus and ALWs Troy Peteri) While Jace tries to escape from the TALOS troops, Jace encounters civilians trying to help him fight back against the authorized soldiers. This is something that has rarely been done for Bruce because he typically does not inspire the degree of loyalty and compassion from everyday citizens. Therefore, it is safe to say that in terms of connecting with the residents of Gotham, Jaces methods have proven to be more effective than Bruces.

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Jace had been thoroughly overpowered by the TALOS troops, a new program created from the remnants of the Magistrate program. While trying to escape, he ran into a lone civilian who was helping him get away from the troops. Jace had apparently protected one of the man’s friends when he was bothered by the judge, which inspired this ordinary citizen to a sense of trust and compassion, who then offered to keep an eye on the awake hero.

Fearing for the man’s safety, Jace tried to warn him away. For a moment, it appeared that the man had fled the scene, leaving Jace to take care of the soldiers. But the man returned with a group of armed friends who warned the troops that they were there to keep Batman safe from harm. This led to a firefight in which the civilians were outclassed, but it also gave Jace enough time to recover and strike back. Although Jaces Batman was successfully able to repel the soldiers, he got something even more important that he has strived to achieve: the respect and support of the people.

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Right from the start, Jace wanted his Batman to be there for the people who were oppressed by a corrupt and flawed justice system, and to put the attention of those who think they are immovable. While the latter goal has not yet been reached, the former has proven to be well underway. Jace has not been Batman for very long, but he has already inspired a kind of loyalty among Gotham’s citizens that Bruce has never achieved.

Bruce Wayne protected the people of Gotham by making himself a living nightmare for criminals to fear. Although successful, this created a distance between Bruce and the common people of Gotham, who have always been a bit wary of Dark Knight. Jace has reversed this narrative and made it clear who should fear him and who should not. He is not trying to cultivate a myth, but he will instead inspire for real change by working with the citizens who need him. This has resonated with the residents of Gotham, making Jaces Batman more easily accepted than Bruces has ever been and showing that the new Caped Crusader is well on its way to becoming an even greater champion for the people.

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