Tesla lowers Model 3 range in Europe due to extra power consumption of AMD Ryzen processor

Tesla lowers Model 3 range in Europe due to extra power consumption of AMD Ryzen processor
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Tesla made several changes to the Model 3 and Model Y configurations in Europe last night.

Model Y got a range increase where the long range variant increased by as much as 28 km (17 miles).

Conversely, the Model 3 Long Range saw its range estimate fall. The change was not significant, it only decreased by 11 km or 12 km (~ 7 miles) depending on the wheels chosen.

There was apparently no explanation for the change as the source code did not note another battery pack that could lead to a lower range.

It turns out that there was an explanation, and that’s because of the new AMD Ryzen processors.

According to an internal email sent to European service centers this morning, whose details were shared with Drive a Tesla, the new processors require more power than the previous Intel Atom processors, resulting in the slightly lower range estimate.

The processor is not sluggish with up to 10 teraflops of processing power, enough to compete with premium home gaming systems like the PS5.

In addition, the rear-wheel drive (RWD) and Performance Model 3s did not see their intervals adjusted because it had already been taken into account when the estimated intervals were updated last year.

Interestingly, when the Ryzen processors were launched in China, there was no similar range adjustment in that market. Nor have we seen any similar range adjustments in North America.

This may be due to different test standards (EPA vs WLTP vs CLTC).

Tesla first added the AMD Ryzen processors launch of Model Y Performance in China in December. The change was made simultaneously to Model 3 and Model Y with it shows up only a day later.

It took a few more weeks to make it to North America, with Fremont manufactured cars gets the feature at the end of December.

Side-by-side performance comparison of AMD Ryzen and Intel Atom processors

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