Picross S7 Review (Switch eShop)

If there is one Nintendo franchise that desperately needs a new entry into modern times, it is Picross. Only nine months after S6, barely enough five months since the Picross S Genesis & Master System edition with SEGA flavors, and after the exciting cliffhanger ending, we’ve been eager to see how Jupiter would tie together this epic ‘S’ saga it’s built in recent years couple of years. The plot has taken some very bizarre turns along the way – the arc where Shigeru Miyamoto and the crew parted from the main party to join the neighborhood soap opera was as unsettling as it was entertaining – but we’re pleased to report that the Picross S7 is packed full of recall to all your favorite characters from the Picross universe. Newcomers like “Sponge Cake” and “Wheat” also add a lot to the cast, while pillars like “Scuba” and “Euphonium” get the benefit they’ve always deserved …

This is, of course, complete nonsense. Each Picross game so far has been nothing more than a new pack of a few hundred more nonogram puzzles to add to the massive pile of existing from previous games that you keep telling yourself you’ll come around to ‘one of these days. Let’s be right, you will never go back to the previous items and you can be just as sure that it will still not prevent you from buying this new item. Why do you ask? Simple. Because this is more Picross, but with touch controls!

You are welcome to return to our Picross S review of the downturn on the basic nonogram gameplay and various modes – we will not review them again. For years, it has been fans of the Picross S series suffering since they have had to struggle with Joy-Con operation day after day just to play their favorite number puzzle game. It has never been a dealbreaker, but Jupiter has finally deserved to throw fans a bone by letting them get up close and intimate with their favorite puzzles. You can now drag your greasy fingers (or a stylus if you have a compatible one) all over your poor Switchs screen and enjoy the feel of practical solving puzzles. Various tools, such as the distinct colors of the Color Picross or the “X” symbol that cover most puzzles, are all assigned on-screen buttons that you press on or off, and these can also match the face buttons if the idea of ​​going completely button-free makes you nervous and uncomfortable.

Aside from the touch controls, this is pretty much the same game that you’ve played countless times before, and we can assure you that it’s the same one that will be released in a few more months. Some other notable changes can be found in the cool winter theme of the menus you navigate and the new intake * checks notes * Drum and Bass music for the main menu theme.

Other than that, it’s still a few hundred nonogram puzzles just like the last several hundred nonogram puzzles. But who are we kidding, at least this one is, uh, innovative in how it boldly introduces a whole new control system – one that admittedly returns from the (3) DS era in the long-running series. At this rate, we might even get HD rumble support in another four years when we get the Picross S15. Imagine what to would feel like!

You should at least buy this game.

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