Kang The Conqueror connects Marvel’s most unlikely warriors

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Savage Avengers # 28

Two of Marvel Comics’ ancient warriors who would otherwise have nothing in common but their barbaric past have been linked to Kang Conquer. doomsday and Conan the barbarian could not be more different as solo characters in terms of the men they each evolved into. Apocalypse merged with Celestial technology and was first introduced to the blue / robotic X-Men villain. Conan, on the other hand, never evolved past brute force and faithful steel while in combat. Now the two most unlikely ancient warriors are forever connected due to the timeline interference from the Kang Conqueror.

IN Savage Avengers # 28 by Gerry Duggan and Patch Zircher, Conans coach the young Kulan Gath, a wizard the team just defeated before becoming a wizard. Conan trains him in battle to ensure that he will never grow up to be the evil wizard that the Savage Avengers fought against in the future. During their training, the Conqueror Kang went back in time to visit them, pretending to worry as he was really just waiting for Kulan’s training to finish so he could kill the barbarian. Conan realized this was the case and attacked Kang, triggering a brutal rivalry between the Sci-Fi villain and the High Fantasy protagonist.

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Conan is not alone in being arch-rival with the Conqueror Kang, as the Apocalypse also shares this particular pleasure. In the cartoon Rise of Apocalypse, Apocalypse is shown as a young mutant in ancient Egypt who fights for his life against a tyrannical pharaoh who effectively destroyed everything good about Apocalypse’s life. That pharaoh was named Rama-Tut otherwise known as the Conqueror Kang. Since then, the Apocalypse has been Kang’s sworn enemy, as has Conan the Barbarian after Kang betrayed him during their Savage Avengers crusade.

Although this connection is the first time Conan and Apocalypse have ever been directly connected, the two are more alike than they immediately appear. Conan is a wandering warrior who overcomes any threat that may stand before him. As a young man, Apocalypse was almost exactly the same character, but with a more villainous agenda. Centuries ago, before Apocalypse merged with Celestial tech and became the character fans are more familiar with, Apocalypse was much like Conan in both appearance and actions, proving itself to be the fiercest warrior and greatest conqueror the world had ever seen.

While the Apocalypse traveled the world, taking over lands and kingdoms, he was still far behind Conan, so the two warriors never had the honor of crossing swords with each other. But because of the Conqueror Kang, the two share more than just an equally barbaric past. Kang Conquer connects Marvel’s most unlikely ancient warriors, Conan the barbarian and doomsday, by becoming the main villain of both of them.

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