Duel Princess Producer Hints Games were banned from Steam

Duel princess is a typical Gallows / Bishoujo game that was just released on January 13th on the Nintendo Switch in English, but it seems that the game was denied a simultaneous PC Steam release.

Duel princess on the Nintendo Switch explained

If you have not heard of Duel princess, it’s the latest game from Qureate. A Japanese developer focusing on Bishoujo games or Gallows. Like in games with cute anime girls, primarily visual novels. And releases them on Switch and PC.

A notable point is that Qureate publishes all of its games with English localization. The studio games are pretty short and low priced in general.

Duel princess is Qureate’s latest work. It mixes the studio’s usual sweet girl formula with tower defense and short roguelike inspired by Slay the Spire and the like. Duel princess has a clothing damage system and “punishes the girls” scenes as well, similar to Criminal girls or a lot of games from the time when Gallows on Nintendo DS, PSP and PS Vita all included touch mechanics.

Eventually, Duel princess is not that much more than what Qureate usually does, but it looks like the game has still been banned from Steam.

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Monster Hunter Rise | Start trailer



Monster Hunter Rise | Start trailer






Qureate and Duel princess producer hint that the game was denied Steam release

Explains why Duel princess was not released on Steam, Qureate’s official Twitter shared a quirky message this week. The English part of the tweet simply says that “The release of Duel princess for Steam is currently unresolved for various reasons. “

However, the Japanese part of the tweet adds “We hope you enjoy the game on the Nintendo Switch. Maybe it was too naughty for Steam …”

In addition, the producer of Qureate Yujiro Usuda added in a quote retweet:

“We were hoping to go as far as possible without getting the game banned, but it looks like we went far overboard. We want to reflect on this and start making solid games that follow the rules … Just for fun , we keep making games that will definitely make you solid lol, so we hope you enjoy our latest work ”.

It’s far from the first time that Steam randomly releases – or does not release – anime-styled games with sexual fan service like this. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a game has been banned and not the last. There is no coherence behind Steam’s decisions in those cases.

While everyone knows for sure that anime characters wearing school uniforms + violence or fan service is a no-go and consistently triggers Steam’s ban hammer.

It’s even more fun when you consider that another Qureate game with just as much exposure launches on Steam on January 21st, Nin Nin Days 2.

What do you think about this situation? Tell us in the comments. Duel princess is available on the Nintendo Switch worldwide for $ 25. You can watch the game’s introductory trailer below.

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