Denzel Washington recalls Strange Tenet Screening in Nolan’s House

Denzel Washington watched Tenet at Christopher Nolan’s home and says it was a “strangeexperience. The sci-fi action blockbuster is the latest of the popular English director’s film to hit the big screen, though it did so under infamous circumstances in the late summer of 2020. ticket office and probably played a role in Warner Bros. ‘ the decision to release their entire 2021 blockbuster tablet day and date on HBO Max.

Tenet plays John David Washington, son of the aforementioned Oscar-winning actor, as the main character, a CIA agent who gets locked into a conspiracy involving the development of technology that can turn the tide of time. By learning about an ongoing war between factions in the present and the future that threatens to destroy the world as he knows it, the protagonist is paired with Robert Pattinson’s Neil to defeat the Russian oligarch Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh), who communicates with their enemies in the future. While reviews for Tenet was largely positive, it is considered one of his most divisive films, where viewers are either frustrated by the intricate narrative or captivated by the intriguing action it enables.

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Asked about his experience with Tenet by Kevin McCarthy while pressing for The tragedy of Macbeth, Washington reveals that he first saw the film in Nolan’s private cinema, which contributed to an already strange experience. Describe the movie as “too strange,“he clarifies that it was surreal to see his son lead the film, especially considering how similar they sound. Composed on the film’s story, Washington’s brush with Tenet was “a lot. “Check out the actor’s full quote below:

You know, it was too weird. First of all, we went to Chris’ house, it showed in his theater. So I’m sitting here now, now I’m watching my son in a Christopher Nolan movie in Christopher Nolan’s house. So a lot happened, you know? I look at my son and I think, ‘He sounds like me’. Like, ‘Of course he sounds like you, stupid, he’s …’ You know, there were so many things that I experienced that … you know, like Dad.

John David Washington and Tenet

The extra familiar element of Washington’s viewing would certainly have made the viewing experience even more of a challenge, as any distraction from the film’s history can make it difficult to keep up. The younger Washington even admitted that he pretended to have forgotten Tenet‘s ends up in interviews instead of trying to explain it. While this understandably interrupted many viewers, others were thrilled, and Dune director Denis Villeneuve has even gone so far as to call Nolan’s film a masterpiece.

The English filmmaker seems to be going in a completely different direction with his next project, Oppenheimer. The biopic about physicist and Project Manhattan member J. Robert Oppenheimer should be a more grounded affair than the high octane. Tenet, though Nolan could use his technical skills to create a fascinating visualization of an atomic bomb detonating. Although the star-studded affair includes some WWII sequences, Oppenheimer should at least be much easier for the audience to follow.

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Source: Kevin McCarthy

  • Oppenheimer (2023)Release Date: July 21, 2023

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