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JoJos bizarre adventure is known for many things – its musical references, fashion influences and flamboyant characters, to name a few – but at its core, JoJos bizarre adventure is best when the creator Hirohiko Araki uses his unmistakable abilities to make the best matches you will find in manga and anime. This begins as early as season 1 of the series, which covers two of the series’ current eight parts: Phantom Blood, the origin story of Jonathan Joestar and his adopted brother who became eternal rival Dio Brando, and Battle Tendency, about Jonathan’s grandson Joseph as he masters it magical breathing technique known as Ripple to defeat ancient enemies called Pillar Men before they can achieve evolutionary perfection and eliminate the human race. Even in these early parts, there are plenty of big fights, but these are the top five among them.

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5. Jonathan and Zeppeli VS Tarkus (Episode 7)

jojos bizarre adventure ep 7
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Unlike all other matches on this list, and most of JoJos bizarre adventure as a whole, this battle is not remarkable because of some impressive strategies or wild achievements on display. No, the fight against the chain-swinging zombie Tarkus is almost uncharacteristically straightforward – Tarkus eliminates the mentor Zeppeli almost instantly, and in response, Jonathan Tarkus overwhelms with his own developed level of Ripple power. What makes this fight so good, though, is how it sets the stage for another of Yes Yes‘s strengths – its characters. Before the battle, we finally learn about the mysterious Zeppelis’ past, including how his father discovered – and was eventually destroyed by – the stone mask that allows Dio to become a vampire and build his villainous army.

For Zeppeli, the whole battle so far has been a battle of destiny, and the battle against Tarkus – where he dies but passes on his own power to Jonathan so he can overcome this battle and eventually Dio himself – is his predicted last role to play in life’s big plans. Zeppeli, however, does not withdraw from this, as he chooses to meet his duty with pride and grace and proves to be not only a good friend to Jonathan, but a teacher worth looking up to. In that light, the fight against Tarkus is a simple but provocative early example Yes Yes‘s Bizarre Adventure ethos, where struggle and courage are virtues that can never be underestimated.

4. Caesar VS Wamuu in Switzerland (Section 20)

jojos bizarre adventure episode 20
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Caesar feels anxious about the coming battles against the remaining pillar men to pick up Joseph’s antidote and Aja’s red stone, and goes to the San Moritz Hotel to fight the pillar man Wamuu himself. It’s an interesting matchup; Wamuu’s wind power and Caesar’s Ripple-amplified bubbles are both long-range weapons, making it a battle to turn small openings into bigger victories, showcasing the more action-oriented but still detail-obsessed combat choreography in Yes Yes‘s bizarre adventure. Thematically, Caesar goes to great lengths to prove the potential that lies in the act of simply living that Ripple represents, and almost wins his solo battle against the powerful and flexible Wamuu.

Unfortunately, Caesar’s impatience turns out to be the end of him, with Wamuu finding one last, vital opening in Caesar’s form to hand out a final blow. However, Caesar’s efforts do not go unnoticed – as his enemy respects Wamuu Caesar’s efforts so much that he allows the hero team to keep the ring containing Joseph’s antidote, which Caesar manages to snatch from Wamuu during the battle, and when his friend, Joseph refuses. to allow Caesar’s death to be in vain, to continue his efforts, and to learn from his mistake by trusting his allies in the battles that remain.

3. Joseph VS Kars, The Ultimate Way of Life (paragraphs 25-26)

jojos bizarre adventure
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In most of Yes Yes, the best fights are between two people with limited but interesting powers trying to figure out how to best know each other within thin margins. Not here – in the climax of the Battle Tendency, Joseph, who has only really practiced the ripple for about a month, has to contend with Kars, who has achieved true dominance as the ultimate way of life, an almost invincible being thousands of years in production. Kars has incredible strength, can create life out of nothing and even evolves on the go to avoid new problems that come his way. In the face of such power, Joseph has essentially nothing. So except for one thing JoJos bizarre adventure values ​​most: the innate human compulsion to survive.

In fact, Battle Tendency has an ongoing gag in which Joseph declares that “Joestar’s secret technique” is simply running away, and that’s exactly what he’s doing, but somehow heroic. He recognizes the impossible situation in front of him and the danger it poses to the people he cares about, and in response, Joseph spends the entire fight running away from Kars, but in reality distracts him from the others and points all the danger at himself. Joseph ends up “winning” the battle through pure luck, where Kars’ constantly evolving body turns out to be his downfall, as he becomes an immortal rock doomed to soar forever in space after an accident with a volcano in outbreaks. Although Joseph does not win by sense or strength, his victory through pure stubbornness is a testimony to the same themes. Yes Yes has repeated itself since Dio rejected his humanity to become a vampire: in the end, humans always find a way.

Jonathan VS Dio at Joestar Mansion (Episode 3)

jonathan dio jojos bizarre adventure
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Jonathan and Dio, the original duo who started what was to become the decades-long franchise, would fight several times over the course of Phantom Blood, but their most intense and memorable was the first battle after Dio finally succumbed to the lure of the mask and became a vampire. At this point in history, Jonathan has not learned Ripple, and Dio runs away from his few experiments with random passers-by and his new vampire instincts, so the fight is as dirty and raw as they get. Jonathan is initially backed by the police and his new friend Speedwagon, but none of these are of any help, and it quickly becomes a fight between himself and Dio, a deeply personal battle between brothers who tear theirs in advance. strained relationships apart.

Both literally and figuratively – much of the acting here comes from the way their fight destroys the mansion, they both have lived in for years, tearing their homes apart and eventually burning it all down into a Pyrrhic victory for Jonathan. While not the smartest fight in the franchise, it offers some unforgettable moments – Dio goes up against the walls! – and some of the outrageous exploits Yes Yes is known for, like Jonathan, catching himself on a stray pole to avoid falling into flames.

1. Joseph VS Wamuu, Chariot Race (Episodes 22-23)

jojo bizarre adventure episode 22-23
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While the stand-up powers that the Stardust Crusaders introduce in Part Three right after Joseph’s original story end, the most iconic part of JoJos bizarre adventure, the inventive scenarios and creative solutions they invite the main characters to come up with are seen most strongly in this fight. In another of his battles against the old pillar men, Joseph stands up against the wind farm Wamuu in a tank. During this race, the two fighters compete for new weapons to use as they each take a turn around the arena, a challenge with both quick wit and raw strength. It is a solid showcase for everything Yes Yes excels at – Joseph is both the weaker of the two physically and usually ends up with the worse of two options on each round of arms, forcing him to think on his feet to overwhelm Wamuu. There are creative answers to problems, such as Joseph only grabbing a front hammer so that Wamuu can strengthen him by swinging the entire pillar on which the hammer hung, as well as surprising twists, such as Joseph realizing that he can use the shape of the arena as a slingshot in the same way as Wamuu does in the past.

Yes YesThe use of struggles as character writing is also in full force here, where Joseph’s high-level intuition won a battle in which his poor decision-making skills could have left him the loser. To top it all off in the incredible way Yes Yes is able to turn villains into lovable, memorable characters in remarkably short time, also shown here; Wamuu is an enemy who has killed several of Joseph’s comrades at this point, but by the end of the battle you can not help but respect his sense of honor and justice. It’s a highlight in every way Yes Yes as a whole series is, making it not only the best in the first season, but a challenger to one of the best ever.

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