Annihilator shares cover of Van Halen’s ‘Romeo Delight’ with Dave Lombardo, Stu Block

Annihilator shares cover of Van Halen’s ‘Romeo Delight’ with Dave Lombardo, Stu Block

ear MUSIC has released the latest single from ANIHILATORon the way “Metal II” album, a cover of FROM THE TAIL‘s “Romeo Delight”.

“Metal II”, which arrives on February 18, launches this long-term campaign, which will include special configurations, extra bonus material, exclusive and unprecedented new tunes from the band.

“There was something about ‘Women and children first’“, ponders ANIHILATOR‘s Jeff Waters. “It was a massive brutal attitude to face aggression – meet one David Lee Roth-fronted party. You have to remember when this came out. ‘Romeo Delight’ is the most ‘heavy’ song from FROM THE TAIL, in my (and Kerry King‘s!) opinion. The pictures on the front / back of ‘Women and children first’ were effective. It was a green cover and it was a picture of the band posing for a record cover picture, and instead of blowing the picture up to the full size of the LP, they cropped it so it was a third of the record size and all around . it was green. I would stare at the front and back pictures for hours! Eddie was in a way like another father. Millions [of others] probably has too, and only fans of him from that time could understand this. “

He continues: “His playing, writing, performance and smile were second to none. EVER. He was an excellent writer, lead guitar innovator, ingenious rhythm player and was able to build a gear empire. He took chances. Did his own thing. It worked. Millions and more will mourn over him as long as the world of the future likes music, but we will also celebrate forever as musicians will continue to hand overEVH-affected-musical-genes’ to future generations! “

“Metal II” has gotten an incredible overhaul with the only one Dave Lombardo (KILLER) kills the drums and main vocals “reinvented” by the big ones Stu Block (INTO ETERNITY, ICED JORD). The guest list on the album is huge: Willie Adler (LAMB OF GOD), Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM), Steve “Lips” Kudlow (ANVIL), Dan Beehler (EXCITER), Jesper Strömblad (IN FLAMES), Angela Gossow (ARCHE ENEMY), Jeff Loomis (ARCHEMOUS, NEVER AGAIN), Anders Björler (THE HEIGHT, AT THE GATES) and Corey Beaulieu (TRIVIUM).

Water passed the mixing assignments to the legendary engineer Mike Fraser (AC / DC, FROM THE TAIL), and it was remastered by Maor Appelbaum.

When Water was asked, “What record would you make if you could and why?” without hesitation it was “Metal”. So what we have now is a record from 2021 called “Metal II”, appropriate, with all the original guest numbers from 2007 with Jeff Waters at the helm.

“One of the greatest engineers / mixers on the planet, Mike Fraser, was my first choice to mix this, ” Jeff say. “It was a challenge like Mike was not brought in to make a record; he was there simply to mix a big mess of tracks that were recorded in 2006 and 2021 and with over 14 players on. After this difficult mix, I promised Mike that I would make another record with him, from scratch. “

Dave was in my favorite band ever (KILLER), ” Water says, “and continues to evolve and play in many different bands, e.g. CONDITIONS, SUICIDE TENDENCIES, DEAD CROSS, SIR. BUNGE and many other projects. It was an honor to be on the same record as Lombardo. And he uses ‘Reign In Blood’ ride the pelvis !! Yes! The ACTUAL riding pelvis we hear on the classic record. “

Water reveals that “Stu has been the vocalist that I (publicly) have wanted to be ANIHILATOR‘s singer, ever since I heard him in the Canadian band INTO ETERNITY, but I never got a chance to get him! He is the next generation of amazing vocalists who grab the microphone from such icons as [Bruce] Dickinson and [Rob] Halford. And our roads SHOULD have crossed a long time ago, but we are here now!

“So I got hold of them both,” Water continues, “and they both loved the tunes and both said ‘FAND YES’! And I said to Stu, ‘You have three take’s, so there are stains and warts and fuck-ups everywhere. And I said the same thing to Dave, ‘get it done’. And seeing professionals do this is overwhelming because you do not have the best sounds, but you have the best players. “

Water closes, “Although Alexi Laihoshreds in ‘Downright Dominate’ and FROM THE TAIL song ‘Romeo Delight’ was recorded a while back, adds Stu and Dave to these songs gave us all the feeling that ‘Metal II’ is also a fitting tribute to our two fallen guitar heroes. Oath and Alexi, REST IN PEACE”

“Metal II” track list:

01. Chasing The High (ft. Willie Adler)

02. Definitely dominate (ft. Alexi Laiho)

03. Army Of One (ft. Steve “Lips” Kudlow)

04. Couple suicide (ft. Danko Jones and Angela Gossow)

05. Heavy Metal maniac (ft. Dan Beehler and Allan Johnson)

06. Haunted (ft. Jesper Strömblad)

07. Romeo Delight

08. Detonation (ft. Jacob Lynam)

09. Clown parade (ft. Jeff Loomis)

10. Choking (ft. Anders Björler)

11. Kicked (ft. Corey Beaulieu)

Canadas ANIHILATOR is the life work of Water. The band was founded in 1984 and took the metal scene by storm with its debut in 1989 “Alice in Hell”, ante increased with the 1990s “Never, Neverland” and has continued a non-stop career pattern of releasing records and touring with many of the biggest bands in the metal genre (mostly all outside of North America) ever since; cementation ANIHILATOR as the best-selling metal act in Canada’s history.

ANIHILATOR has given the metal world a sound that is one of the clearest, most tasteful mixes of huge metal riffs with the idea of ​​the perfect song and some legendary solo shredding as the finishing touch. Water and ANIHILATOR has had a major impact on countless well-known metal acts and musicians around the world. In fact, countless, successful non-metal acts and musicians cite Water and Co. as an influence in their careers.

Water is a guitarist, vocalist and writer for ANIHILATOR as well as study owner, producer, engineer and mix and mastering engineer. Water formed the band with singers John Bates.

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