10 Marvel TV show characters outside of Netflix that should be brought back

A lot of changes are taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The inclusion of Netflix shows and the characters customized on the platform has markedly changed what fans can expect from the expanded materials offered. With Multiverse now also in play, it opens up the idea that even more TV shows are brought properly into continuity.

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These heroes and villains have had a significant impact on their respective appearances on small screens, and while some may not be as popular as people like Daredevil and Kingpin, they still have a lot to offer to the wider MCU. What’s more, there are so many more stories that could be told with this series of cartoon guards.

Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen (Cloak And Dagger)

Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen come as a package deal. The team known as Cloak and Dagger has already enjoyed their own TV show, but after its cancellation and their brief appearance on Runaways, nothing else has been seen for the dynamic duo.

Comic book fans know that Cloak and Dagger’s powers complement each other perfectly; while they can visually bring something unique to the table in terms of their gifts, they can narratively also help usher in a new era in MCU. Cloak and Dagger have only just begun, and they have every right to be among a new generation of heroes as their growing age continues.

Morgana Le Fay (Runaways)

Morgana Le Fay is another Runaways alumni and one who draws her background story against the Arthurian legend. It was surprising to see the antagonist appear on Marvel TV given her huge screen potential, but with the Black Knight debut at MCU, there is definitely more room for this sorceress.

Magic villains are in short supply at the moment, and in the source material, Morgana has such an important set of connections to villains as Dr. Doom and Hero related to the UK. The performance was hugely memorable, but so far only the surface has been scratched on what could be achieved here.

David Haller (legion)

Dan Stevens as David Haller in Legion

David Haller is one of the most powerful mutants in existence. Combine this with the notion that Legion is perhaps the only Marvel show that could be considered truly groundbreaking and inventive in its visual storytelling, and it is fair to say that there is so much more potential with the character and his world.

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Legion finished with time to be rewritten, which could certainly open the door for Haller to get to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or at least show up somewhere in the Multiverse. As a threat at the Omega level, it would be exciting to see how such a character would interact with people like the Avengers or a future X-Men team.

Nico Minoru (Runaways)

Nico Minoru is another sorceress who has been a member of Runaways, who developed her gifts after being in contact with the magical staff that was once a family heirloom. She is perhaps the most powerful of the team and has teased working with Doctor Strange in an alternative future.

It’s an interesting concept to bring this young witch over to the primary MCU and get her to become a new apprentice to the wizard. Nico or Sister Grimm is really another vigilance around which the future of the saga could be built – if Marvel Studios wants to rely on more terrifying tales, that is.

Robbie Reyes (Agents Of SHIELD)

Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider in Agents of Shield Season 4

Ghost Riders performance in Agents of SHIELD shocked fans, but it still remains to be seen where the series falls in the larger MCU continuity. Either way, this portrayal of Robbie Reyes feels like the definitive iteration; no one else could play that character now.

So many of Ghost Rider’s strange and intriguing comic book stories are still undeveloped. Marvel fans need a resident demon hunter to help prepare the universe for its movement toward darker territory, where people like Blade will soon make their debut. On a personal level, the conflicts in Reyes’ life also make him instantly compelling, and visually no one beats the blazing car.

Ana and Daimon Helstrom (Helstrom)

Looking at the hellish and mysterious side of the Marvel universe, the Helstroms immediately emerge as anti-heroes who have retained their relevance. Full current in itself was a less than successful series that can now be found on Disney +, but its characters are still worth revisiting.

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As the true descendants of the devil himself, Ana and Daimon have a twisted legacy to live up to. With burning gifts and a moral codex that continues to border on good and evil, the powerful duo holds all the secrets of the underworld itself, but they bring the same level of chaos and destruction with them.

Amahl Farouk (Legion)

Navid Negahban as Farouk Amahl the Shadow King of the Legion

Amahl Farouk, or the King of Shadows, is one of the most disturbing, powerful, and manipulative villains ever to appear in the Marvel universe. He was effective enough to corrupt David Haller’s mind and was apparently impossible to be the best for a period of time.

This kind of mutant antagonist is exactly the powerful enemy that the MCU actually lacks. The Avengers require a villain who will truly be able to penetrate their minds and souls and turn their worlds upside down in a malicious way. Farouk should not be dethroned yet as he was an important part of some of them Legionbest section.

Daisy Johnson (Agents Of SHIELD)

Daisy Johnson VS Glen Talbot in Agents Of SHIELD Season 5

Daisy Johnson is an important member of the SHIELD team and a leader in her own right. As the hero Quake, she has inspired so many to rise up against the forces of darkness, while at the same time saving the Earth more times than she can count. But she has so much more capacity to do well in MCU.

Agents of SHIELD‘s conclusion left the door wide open so Johnson could return along the line. Although rumors are always circulating, it’s hard to ignore how perfect the character would be as part of Nick Fury’s small selection of allies in Secret invasion.

Alex Wilder (Runaway)

Alex Wilder is probably the weakest member of Runaways. But what he lacks in strength, he compensates for in the brain. He is the most intelligent in the group and often acts as their tactical leader. Despite his heroic origins, a shift in Alex has begun.

Comic book fans want to know that the young hero is in a villainous turn, and it’s a shame that the revelation has not been fully realized. Perhaps Alex can serve a bigger role for young vigilantes as the MCU evolves as he continues his transition to the antagonistic Youngblood.

Lorna Dane (The Gifted)

Polaris with its crew in The Gifted

The Gifted continues to have a place on Disney +, and with the finale suggesting that time travel and multiversal jumping were an option in the universe, there is always a plausible element in the notion that any of these mutants could reappear.

As the daughter of Magneto, Lorna possesses many of the same gifts. She has rallied for mutant rights, and although she may not always make the right choices, her powerful ideology continues to inform the portrayal. Lorna would be a great character to make an impact in MCU.

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