Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are among the most boring things in life, research shows

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle are in the second most boring thing of their lives – only after not having wi-fi.

Politics, watching golf and people taking pictures of their food are also up there with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan are the second most boring thing in life


Harry and Meghan are the second most boring thing in lifeCredit: Reuters

Coronavirus press conferences and video ads you can not skip also came in the top five – along with waiting for websites to load and politics.

Corporate meetings, watching cricket, junkmail and Coldplay are also considered boring.

Just like waiting for your partner to get ready, having to put out the trash cans, and rice cakes.

It was also revealed that four out of 10 of the respondents said that their lives at the moment are “quite boring” or “very boring” – but 72 percent intend to make a joint effort to have “more fun” in year.

The study showed that a typical adult spends 85 minutes a day getting bored – the equivalent of 22 days each year.

And the average adult has absolutely nothing to do twice a day.

While more than a third, 36 percent, admitted that it’s been so long since they had fun that they “can barely remember” what having fun is.

The study also identified the biggest ‘boredom criminals’ – vacations, reading, hobbies, meeting friends and exercise.

In terms of getaways in particular, the survey conducted by OnePoll also revealed what consumers want from a break.

These include a wide variety of bars and restaurants, lots of history, stunning architecture and a selection of museums.

And the best activities to do while you are away include going on boat trips, lying on the beach, visiting theme parks and going to water parks.

The study, commissioned by Jet2holidays, showed that half of adults intend to bring things to life by going on holiday – and they plan an average of two excursions.

A spokesman for the holiday provider said: “There are lots of aspects of our lives that we find numbing and boring and the last two years have certainly not helped.

“But we hope the results will inspire people to go out and increase their fun quotas – there’s a whole world of fun out there just waiting to be explored.

“Staring at the same walls day after day is quickly becoming tiring, and over the last few years we’ve probably done this more than ever.

“2022 is definitely the year we return to normal and enjoy doing all the things we’ve missed the most, such as going on holiday.

“A holiday is the perfect boredom breaker, as it allows us not only to escape the fatigue of everyday life, but also means we can explore different parts of the world in search of an adventure, and what could be more exciting than that . “


  1. Has no Wi-Fi
  2. Hear about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  3. Politics
  4. Coronavirus press conferences
  5. Video ads you can not skip before a video you actually want to watch
  6. People taking pictures of their food
  7. Acceptance of ‘cookies’
  8. Watching golf
  9. Cricket
  10. Unwanted mail

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