Massive ‘meat spill’ causes heaps of entrails blocking the roadway

It was a gut accident.

An Australian motorway developed the floor of a slaughterhouse, after a car accident resulted in large quantities of animal intestines being dumped all over the road.

“The cleanup will take some time,” wrote Victoria Traffic’s Twitter account of the “bowel obstruction” which took place on Thursday near Melbourne.

According to a spokesman for the Victorian Department of Transportation, a meat truck braked unexpectedly while driving on the M80s, Broadsheet reported. The sudden stop of the “standard” car reportedly caused chunks of offal to “pass over the cabin in a fleshy wave” before landing on the exit ramp.

The accompanying Twitter photos show the entrails partying at a busy intersection after the accident, like a bloody movie.

Massive ‘meat spill’ causes heaps of entrails blocking the roadway
Several lanes had to be closed while the meat spill was handled.

In light of the carnage, officials were forced to close the left lane of both the Boundary Road exit ramp on the M80 ring road and the Boundary Road eastbound on the M80 while the fleshy mess was handled. They advised motorists to avoid the area during that time – especially when temperatures in the mid-80s caused the insides to mature and emit a “waste stench”, Broadsheet reported.

“When there is a spill of offal, it always seems to be hot – I would not want to be out there cleaning it,” exclaimed Victorian Department of Transportation Andrew Crook.

Fortunately, the mess has since been cleaned up.
Fortunately, the mess has since been cleaned up.

Fortunately, both lanes have since reopened after the gruesome incident, Victoria Traffic reported.

This is not the first time that a bizarre spill has blocked traffic. In November, an armored truck accidentally caused it to rain money on a California highway, triggering a cash-grab frenzy that resulted in two arrests.


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