How I Met Your Father: Will There Be a Season 2?

How I Met Your Father: Will There Be a Season 2?

That’s eight years ago How I met your mother ended, and now the spinoff series, How I met your father, finally arrives in Hulu. The original HIMYM ran for almost a decade, so of course we all wonder if the new series will be long too. For now, though, another season off How I met your father is not a sure thing.

Like most streaming platforms, Hulu has historically taken some time to decide whether or not to renew its shows. See for example one of its latest hits, The big, which has had about two months between each of its seasons was aired and the next season was officially renewed. Since How I met your father has a 10-episode first season, with episodes airing weekly instead of all at once, it will be at least mid-March before the season even ends. Based on that timeline, it’s likely we’ll not hear anything official until late spring or early summer.

It is also worth noting How I met your father has had a rocky road just to get to his first season. This iteration is actually the second attempt at a spinoff or restart of HIMYM. Back in 2013, when the original series was coming to an end, the original creative team announced plans for How I met your father, which for the most part would have been unrelated to HIMYM but shared the overall plot unit. Greta Gerwig was to have the lead role as the main character, Sally, with Meg Ryan pronouncing “Future” Sally in the same way that Bob Saget voted for “Future” Ted. But after conflicts between CBS and the creators about the pilot, the series was not filmed and was never aired.

Even this iteration of How I met your father (which may have some connections to the original show) has taken a while to get started. Co-creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger originally put this project on the back burner after being promoted to co-showrunners at This is us. It took until 2021 before the official series order and season 1 production took place on Hulu, with Aptaker and Berger still at the helm. The version currently airing on Hulu stars Hilary Duff as Sophie and Kim Cattrall as “Future” Sophie.

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