Gunna explains her beef with Freddie Gibbs

Gunna performed on The breakfast club Friday morning (January 14) and explained the origins of his feud against Freddie Gibbs, explaining that the rapper allegedly contacted his manager after sneaking him on Twitter to make a song together.

Prior to the release of his new studio album, DS4EVER, Gunna called Freddie Gibbs on Twitter and told the rapper he wanted the biggest night of his career as soon as people heard his diss on the album. “I can not fuck with Freddie Gibbs,” he raps on “poochie dress.” The diss at the surface level did not end up shaking the internet, but Gunna still has something to explain and tells the hosts of The breakfast club why he resents the rapper.

Gunna explains her beef with Freddie Gibbs
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“He was trying to make a song with me through my manager. It’s like, ‘What? Wait, what?’,” Gunna said, explaining that Gibbs tried to collaborate after sneak-dissing him years earlier, sharing a video of Gunna speaking in an alleged Crime Stoppers video. “It’s long, long, long ago, maybe years ago, and he thought I had forgotten it. I just do not forget it. If I had a problem with you five years ago, it still is. [a problem]. It does not change. It may be ten years later. I’m getting you. “

See Gunna’s interview with The breakfast club below, where he also talks about this week’s incident on a private jet, his rumored relationship with Chlöe and more. Read our review of DS4EVER here.