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The book about Boba Fett stars Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen weighed in on a couple of the show’s very modest controversies during their virtual TV Critics Association press tour panel last Friday.

First, the duo was asked about criticism of Disney + Star wars the show’s handling of its Tusken Raider characters. During the first three episodes, a tribe of the Desert Warriors Boba Fett (Morrison) learned their ways. The tribe was then abruptly killed, and Fett solemnly burned their bodies. Raiders were portrayed as single-minded animals in Star wars movies and both The Mandalorian and The book about Boba Fett has been praised for dealing with the native characters with more humanity. But their deaths got some backlash online.

“[Their portrayal] was better than it was [in the films]said Morrison. “Then I read [in the script that] we threw corpses right on the fire, and I said, ‘Oh, stop it, we’re going to put some ceremony in this.’ But they are the natives of Tatooine’s sand, and I created a little more history about their own culture – and I withdrew from my own culture, in a way, in terms of the ceremonies and prepared the warrior and prepared a weapon. And Boba has never experienced a real family before – with the young Tuskens and the old Tuskens – and protect their country. “

Wen added: “We knew so little about Tuskens, and [the show] really gave them an incredible story. … I thought all those elements really enrich who Tuskens is,… and [setting the bodies on fire] was part of Star wars, with A new hope“Whether it’s the Jawa’s when they were attacked, there’s this ceremonial desire on Tatooine’s to burn the corpses as opposed to leaving them out in the open in the desert.”

Another issue raised by one critic was episode sixty of instantly infamous motorcycle gangs, which some fans compared to Power Rangers. In the episode, a group of Tatooine street children (inclusive Yellowjackets star Sophie Thatcher) helps Boba Fett ride colorful, shiny, Vespa-like gliders.

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Tusken Warrior (Joanna Bennett), Tusken Chieftain (Xavier Jimenez), Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) and Tusken Kid in Lucasfilm’s The book about Boba Fett.
Disney +. / Lucasfilm Ltd.

Asked about the motorcyclists, Morrison replied: “Some of these things are beyond our control. We as an artist can not say, ‘We do not want to work with these people, it is not good enough.’ … They brought a lot of color to what I thought… they were amazing, worked hard. ”

Once again, Wen helpfully pointed out some Star wars story and remarked: “This is a real tribute to things Editorial staff George Lucas has always loved – whether it was Mods in the 60s, or [Lucas’ hot rod film] American graffiti. At the same time, it is suitable for learning more about Tatooine. And Sophie was a wonderful person, and I definitely enjoyed getting to know her. ”

Earlier, showrunner Robert Rodriguez had teased that there could be some controversial non-Star wars-ian color elements in the series, noting that fans would “know it when they see it.”

Wen was also asked to be an action hero at the age of 58.

“I like to represent older, stronger women,” she said. “I have a certain set of skills – whether it’s martial arts or kickboxing or learning stunt fights. But it used to be that when a woman reached 40, they were put out on grass. I’m far beyond that now, and that is nice that I can still continue with this.I feel very privileged and honored and I live out my dream of being in a Star wars project. I want to kick ass for as long as I can. ”

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