5 Worrying Omicron Symptoms That May Endanger Your Life, According To Doctors

As the latest Covid-19 wave continues to tear through the UK, a US medical body has warned that there are five symptoms you should seek urgent professional attention for while your body fights Omicron

5 Worrying Omicron Symptoms That May Endanger Your Life, According To Doctors
Omicron seems to be less deadly, but there are still major dangers to be on the lookout for

Despite the fact that the majority of people taking the Omicron variant have nothing but mild symptoms, the past year with Covid has taught us all how dangerous the virus can be and how serious it should be taken.

Viruses affect people in different ways, and therefore those most at risk should be aware of dangerous symptoms – and so should their close friends, family and carers.

The vulnerable include people with an underlying state of health and the unvaccinated.

Most people will find that they are able to treat themselves from home and do not need medical attention even though they still need to isolate themselves from others to prevent the spread of the virus.

Despite this, the dangers of the latest strain are still very real.

The US-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, has clarified five specific symptoms that indicate that a person with Omicron may need closer medical care than first thought.

What Omicron symptoms mean you need medical attention?

Getting the vaccine is still the best thing you can do to fight the virus


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The CDC states that the following symptoms are all signs that you may need medical attention:

Experts say this list is not definitive and in general you should seek medical attention if there are any symptoms that concern you.

However, many people who pick up Covid report symptoms more in line with the common tumor.

The head of the ZOE Covid tracker app, Professor Tim Spector from King’s College London, said: “Over 50 per cent of people with a cold-like symptom have PCR-proven Covid.”

However, if you start to feel sicker or notice that your symptoms get worse, the NHS advises you to call 111 or seek help from a doctor.

The NHS says you should seek medical attention if you have difficulty breathing or feel very weak, sore or tired.

Is Omicron less deadly?

Conversations that Omicron is milder than the previously large variant, Delta, have been circulating for some time.

Now, as more and more scientific data flows in, it seems that this is in fact the case.

Reports shortly before Christmas have provided good news, with Sun reporting that patients with Omicron are 31-45% less likely to go to the emergency room and 50-70% less likely to be hospitalized.

Officials have kept repeating that getting a booster jab is the best thing you can do to help tackle the virus and give your body the best chance of fighting it.

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