The dualbell system allows dumbbells to function as barbell weights

If someone is serious about weightlifting, they will typically buy one or more sets of dumbbells, a barbell and several weight plates to the barbell. However, the new Dualbell system allows existing dumbbells to replace the plates, saving space and money.

Currently on Kickstarter, the product is invented by New York-based certified personal trainer / fitness consultant Glenn Dickstein, his son Adam and architect Roy Kushner.

Dualbells themselves are simply a pair of hinged polycarbonate units, each of which is clamped around the handle of a third-party dumbbell and then slid onto a third-party barbell – one at each end. A set of standard weight collars is then used to hold them in place, as would be the case with weight discs.

The current prototype Dualbells production version will be injection molded

The current prototype Dualbells production version will be injection molded

According to Dickstein, Dualbells work with all dumbbells as long as their handles are no more than 35 mm (1.4 inches) in diameter and at least 108 mm (4.25 inches) in length. Rubber inserts help Dualbells with secure grip to the handles.

Dualbells should also work with any 1 inch (25 mm) diameter barbell. If buyers choose two pairs of Dualbells (so they can have two dumbbells at each end of the barbell), an included set of spacers can be used to keep each pair in line with each other.

Assuming they reach production, a promise of US $ 26 will give you a pair of Dualbells, with $ 50 required for two pairs – the estimated retail prices are $ 39 and $ 75, respectively. They are demonstrated in the video below.

Potential buyers may also want to check out the successful crowdfunded Hyperbell system. It also makes it possible to use dumbbells instead of weight plates, although it is more expensive and has a system-specific barbell.

Dualbell: Get smart with your dumbbells

Source: Kickstarter

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