Suspected drug house opposite elementary school in Huntington Beach has community on the edge – CBS Los Angeles

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) – Residents of a Huntington Beach community said they are tired of a problem house in their neighborhood, especially after what a woman found this week.

Neighbors said pills were found right across from Peterson Elementary School, and now police have said they have opened a drug investigation into the situation.

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“This is one of the pills I saw,” said a neighbor who did not want her identity revealed on camera for fear of her safety.

She said she was walking her dog Tuesday morning when it alerted her to pills scattered near the sidewalk.

“My dog ​​somehow pulled me, and it just brought my attention, and I looked, and I saw what looked like little blue candies scattered through the grass,” she said.

A quick search on the net led her to believe that the pills could be something as serious as fentanyl. The pills were found just opposite the primary school.


“We’re literally across the street from a school that has kids on both sides of the street who go to and from school twice a day,” the homeowner said.

She quickly alerted both the police and the school.

Officials at Peterson Elementary sent out a letter urging parents to be careful near school sidewalks.

“I’m definitely going to be scared,” one mother told a boy walking on Peterson, “and I’ll definitely make sure he does not pick anything up.”

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“Children, pets, small capsules, colors, whatever. It goes from hand to mouth,” said another man.

Huntington Beach Police found the pills from a home opposite the school, but can not yet confirm what they are.

“We do not know if these pills are fentanyl at the moment. It is worrying. So we are taking this matter very seriously,” an HBPD official said.

A video recorded by a neighbor shows the moment they think a man lost the pills, but this is not the first time worried residents have found what they believe are drug tools, in front of what they said is a problem home.

Another video shows people coming and going from home at all times of the night.

“This is normal for us to find, basically like burnt out foil packets like the one on the street,” said the homeowner, who added that she is relieved that the police are stepping in this time because the residents have been dealing with this for years.

“At what point does this end? What can we do as a community – it sounds like a cliché – than take our community back from this and make it safe?” she said.

Many people in the local community have come out to the Neighborhood Watch meeting to complain about the suspected drug house.

As for the police, they are asking people to come forward and provide information so they can add it to the investigation.

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