Tribute as ‘kind and generous’ mother, 42, dies of Covid

The heartbroken family of a mother of four has paid tribute to their ‘kind and big-hearted’ lover after she lost the battle against coronavirus.

Kellyanne Syme was due to have her second Covid vaccination.

But the 42-year-old had to constantly postpone it due to a recurrent illness.

She died on January 4 – leaving the broken daughters Taylor, 20, Katelyn, 23, and Jennifer, 12, as well as the broken son Brenden, 22, Daily record reports.

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Kellyanne is said to have “fought hard until the very end” but had a lung disease called emphysema which can cause shortness of breath and cough.

Over time, the condition damages people’s air sacs until their inner walls eventually become weaker and rupture.

Kellyanne got her first Covid sting early last year, but the illness meant she had to keep postponing her second jab.

Tribute as ‘kind and generous’ mother, 42, dies of Covid
Kellyanne Syme died on January 4th

In the months following her first vaccine and throughout 2021, she repeatedly developed bacterial breast infections from the common cold and flu, exacerbated by her emphysema.

NHS guidance says that if you feel very unwell or have a fever, postpone your jab appointment.

Kellyanne never recovered enough to get her second plug.

She had hoped she would finally be able to get her second plug in December, after a period of feeling better.

But then she fell ill again with the flu and had to move the appointment to January.

Tragically, she captured Covid on December 20 and never recovered.

Her broken family has paid tribute to their “true angel” mother who had the “kindest soul”.

Mother of four with her family for Halloween

Daughter Taylor, 20, told the Record: “My mom tested positive for Covid on December 20th and she was okay, but she took a bad turn on Christmas Eve and I had to call an ambulance.

“We thought she would be okay, but she was admitted to intensive care and her symptoms kept getting worse.

“She was the most amazing person ever. She was so kind and generous.

“She would help anyone and she was never negative even though she was in so much pain.

“I miss her very much. It was at least peaceful for her as she had no idea she was going to leave – she thought she was coming home.”

She was described as the “best little grandmother” for her grandchildren Andre at four, Linkin at three and baby Roman.

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Kellyanne’s mother Marianna, 67, is also currently in hospital to fight the disease after being hospitalized a few days before her daughter.

Taylor urged people to take coronavirus seriously when she launched a fundraising site to give Kellyanne the broadcast she deserves.

She said: “A lot of people don’t take it seriously. They think it’s been here for two years, so it’s not that bad.

“They do not know what effect it has. We planned Christmas and then we lost our mother. Wear masks and take precautions. If you get symptoms, isolate yourself.

“Protect the families of others.”

The desperate family also lost their father five years ago, so the financial pressure from a funeral has fallen on Kellyanne’s children.

So far, almost £ 2,000 has been raised.

Donations can be made to the collection here .

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