The Tinder scam trailer reveals a shocking true story of online dating

We all know that online dating has its drawbacks – catfishing, conversations that suddenly die out, what do you have. These are all everyday annoyances for people who spend some time swiping left or right on their cell phones. But for a small percentage of online romantics, the experience can turn into a real nightmare, Date line style. That is the subject of The Tinder scammer, a Netflix documentary that tells the story of three women who were deceived by the same virtual criminal.

The trailer for The Tinder scammer reveals that anyone could have fallen for the traps set for the trio of women – “lone guy” posed as a billionaire international businessman and started by making their very best impression of Fifty shades of gray‘s Christian Gray that impresses them with luxurious dates and expensive gifts. The problem is that it was only the first part of a long scam that ended in threats and the women were forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a master blackmailer.

At the same time, the trailer also reveals that revenge is a dish best served cold: one of the women, Cecil, becomes completely obsessed with discovering the true identity of the swindler and ends up teaming up with other victims and turning the story into a cat- and-mouse-thriller … and did we mention this was a true story?

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Picture via Netflix

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The Tinder scammer is directed by Felicity Morris, a filmmaker who is no stranger to online vendettas: she also directed the Netflix documentary series Do not fuck with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, a story about a group of people who start an online mission to find a sadistic person who has posted videos of himself killing cats. Yes, you can really find anything on the internet.

The Tinder scammer premieres on Netflix on February 2nd. Watch the trailer below:

And see the film’s official synopsis and poster here:

Swipe, swipe, swipe … It’s not easy to find love online, so when Cecilie matches a handsome billionaire playboy, she can not quite believe it, as he turns out to be her dream man. But dreams are not reality, and when she discovers that this international businessman is not who he says he is, it’s too late. He has taken her for everything. Where this adventure ends, a revenge thriller begins. Cecilie discovers her other goals, and once they merge, they are no longer victims: the TINDER WINNER meets his match. From the producers of ‘The Imposter’ and ‘Don’t F ** k with Cats’, this captivating documentary follows as they reveal his true identity and fight to bring him to justice.

tinder-scammer poster
Picture via Netflix

Cynthia Erivo Starred in the sci-fi movie ‘Blink Speed’ for Netflix

Erivo will co-produce with Matt Jackson, whose latest credits include ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ and ‘Molly’s Game’.

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