Spider-Man: 10 DC Villains Green Goblin Could Kill

The Green Goblin is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic enemies. He has proven to be a threat to anyone he faces, even competing with the Avengers. He may be insane, but he’s crazy as a fox; he can beat a dime from brutal killer to calculating brain and never miss a trick. The goblin formula makes him a formidable combatant, and his arsenal of weapons gives him a lot of offensive options.

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Hero and villain are in danger as the Green Goblin comes around. If he were to face some of DC’s toughest villains, he would teach them a thing or two and kill some of the most formidable.

10 KGBeast’s Can’t Stand Up To A Green Goblin Attack

KGBeast has been fighting Batman for a long time. A crack shot with any firearm, he almost killed Nightwing and is on top of that a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Unfortunately for him, he is basically a glorified bully compared to the Green Goblin. Goblin’s pixie glider gives him the mobility advantage, and that’s just the beginning.

Goblin can keep KGBeast out of balance by staying mobile and bombing him with pumpkin bombs. Although KGBeast is somehow able to get him off the glider, he has to deal with the superhuman Green Goblin. KGBeast may be a better trained hand-to-hand fighter, but he does not have a chance one on one with Goblin.

9 Blockbuster may be stronger, but it does not help him

The first Blockbuster was a generic Hulk-type villain, a super-strong villain who was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The second Blockbuster took over after the first dead and had all the strength of his dead brother, but is much wiser, which has made a huge difference. Blockbuster is more than likely stronger than Goblin, but that will not save him.

Green Goblin is used to fighting enemies that have struck in some way, and he has an advantage that Blockbuster does not, a healing factor. Beyond that, Blockbuster has always had a bad heart, which would not help him in a fight against Goblin. It would be a good fight, but Blockbuster loses to Nightwing; he would not have a chance against Goblin.

8 The enigma might have outsmarted the Green Goblin, but that would not save him

The Riddler is not known to be a physical threat, but his intelligence has made him a formidable enemy. He is a master of death traps and his puzzles give him time to set up enough traps to challenge anyone. While Goblin knows more about chemistry than he does, Riddler simply knows more, and he would be able to lead Goblin on a merry hunt.

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The problem would come when he had to finish Goblin. The Green Goblin is just way too much for Riddler and any nonsense he would have hired. He drove quickly through Riddler’s crew and did brief work with Mr. Nigma.

7 The Green Goblin is just too strong for death

Deathstroke pursues Gotham City.

Deathstroke has defeated some of DC’s greatest heroes due to his unsurpassed tactical abilities. He’s not the strongest villain, but he has it where it counts, and that’s been enough against many enemies over the years. His planning skills will first serve him well against Goblin, but eventually it will come down to a fist fight, which is not a fight Deathstroke can win.

Deathstroke is super strong, but Green Goblin is simply stronger. Add his healing factor to it, and there’s just not much Deathstroke can do to keep him down. It would be an epic battle, but there is no doubt that Deathstroke would not survive.

6 Weather Wizard would get an early benefit but could not seal the deal

Flash’s Rogues is an interesting game. They are non-superpowered people whose mastery of their super-scientific weapons allows them to face the fastest man alive. One of the most powerful is the Weather Wizard. His weather control rod is a formidable weapon and it would let him do some damage to the Green Goblin right from the hand.

Goblin, however, is no idiot. He will realize the key to Weather Wizard’s power and work to deprive him of it, or at least keep the Weather Wizard so busy that he could not launch an attack or defense. It may not be a quick battle, but it’s one that the Weather Wizard cannot win.

5 Vandal Savage can not be associated with green elf

Vandal Savage is one of DC’s most dangerous immortals. For over a hundred thousand years, he has created chaos by using his physical and mental improvements to build a power base that is almost unmatched in history. There are few out there more experienced than him, and while that will help against the Green Goblin, it will not let him win.

Savage would like to beat the Green Goblin himself, and that just will not be possible. Vandal has a lot of advantages, but he will not be able to overcome Goblin’s much greater strength, speed and healing factor. It would be an epic battle, but not one Vandal Savage would survive.

4 Solomon Grundy is too stupid to beat the Green Goblin

Batman - Solomon Grundy.

Solomon Grundy is one of DC’s strongest minions. He has beaten it out with heroes like Superman and is certainly much stronger than the Green Goblin. However, Grundy has also lost fights to people without superpowers like Batman and Green Arrow. The only thing the Green Goblin has to deal with him is to outsmart the zombie from the Slaughter Swamp, and the fight is almost over.

Killing Grundy is actually pretty easy when it comes down to it. Green Goblin just needs to stay on his toes and fight smart. Grundy is tough, but his lack of intelligence will make this fight much easier for Goblin than it should be.

3 Mr. Freeze’s weakness is too obvious for a Green Goblin to miss

Mr.  Freeze

Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s most tragic villains, but that does not make him any less dangerous. Mr. Freeze’s freezing beam is a formidable weapon, and his armor both protects him and improves his strength. But his weakness is pretty obvious, and someone as smart as Green Goblin will figure it out quickly. From there, it’s about how.

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Goblin can use his glider to stay out of the way of Freeze’s attack and air bomb him until his armor is destroyed. If Freeze is able to take the glider down, there’s still no way he can beat the Goblin, as the villain is just too strong for him. Either way, Goblin would destroy his armor and let him die.

2 Green Goblin would enjoy killing the arrogant lane

Byen Bane Batman

Bane is one of Batman’s greatest enemies, and he behaves like it. His combination of muscles and brains has served him well against the Dark Knight, but he will find it harder to defeat the Green Goblin. Green Goblin is much stronger than him, and though he may not be as good a fighter, he makes up for it with his cunning and pure love of the fight.

Lane is the type of person that the Green Goblin wants to take a notch down. He will do so by killing him. Even with Venom, Bane just can’t stand the Green Goblin, who will enjoy taking him down a stick.

1 The Joker would hurt the Green Goblin and that would be the end for him

The Joker sitting over Arkham.

The Joker and the Green Elf have a lot in common, starting with a color scheme and a rictus laugh. Both fight against one of the toughest heroes there is, and while Joker’s plans are usually much more destructive, their insanity and unpredictability stand up well to each other. In fact, there is a good chance that the Joker will be able to surprise the Green Goblin in the early moments of the match and hurt him.

However, this would not make things easier for the Joker. An injured Green Goblin is an angry Green Goblin who will make things very difficult for the Joker. At that point, the Green Goblin will kill the Joker just on principle alone.

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