Riverdale: Cheryl’s 8 best outfits that are not red

Cheryl Blossom and the color red are synonymous with each other. Besides wearing it all the time Riverdale, the bombed ex-cheerleader also loudly claimed that the color was his own, but even Ms. Blossom can sometimes get tired of the burning hue. Never so rarely did Cheryl leave her best red outfits and chose other colors from the rainbow for an episode or two.

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However, Cheryl’s color palette even outside of red was quite limited, and she stuck to other jewel tones like blue, green, and lots of candy pink to compensate for the lack of red. Her non-red costumes are few but still impressive, so she continues to be the best dressed teenager on Riverdale.

Hunter Green Plaid Set

Shared photo of Cheryl in a green outfit in Riverdale.

If Cheryl did not wear red, her go-to color would be this rich hunter green. It fits her personality perfectly and also matches her ubiquitous red lipstick. This combination of skirt and jacket was as sharp as Cheryl’s best quotes, and the plaid print still kept her connected with her original sense of style.

The shortened jacket added a modern touch to the vintage-y outfit, and the black top inside was a muted companion that let the set speak for itself. It’s definitely a winning look.

Pink and white military top with bows

Shared photo of Cheryl in pink in Riverdale.

Cheryl may have been a girly girl when it came to her clothing choices, but her rugged and tough nature was hinted at as this military jacket-inspired top. The ensemble is a candy-colored treat with chic bow details, but the gold buttons and the tight silhouette reflect her inner grit.

Along with a black skirt, Cheryl took a book out of Blair Waldorf’s handbook with a black-veiled headband to really let the Barbie-pink top speak.

turquoise cut-out dress

Shared photo of Cheryl standing by the water in Riverdale.

The only time Cheryl ever wore beautiful turquoise was when she wore this beautiful dress to one Riverdale party. With a deep neckline, the floor-length dress also had beautiful crisscross straps at the back, making it even more beautiful.

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As is always the case with Cheryl, she walked over the top with her accessory and leaned up on a seriously glittering thick, diamond-like choker necklace that drew attention to her neck. She could not resist a touch of red with her lip.

Black and pink blazer dress

Shared photo of Cheryl at Church in Riverdale.

This outfit was a complete u-turn from Cheryl’s usual fair (which is a feature that her character shares with her cartoon counterpart). Usually leaning on a Victorian or schoolgirl look, Cheryl surprised viewers with a rather disco-like blazer dress in plain black with a matching corset inside.

The most surprising things were the huge 70s lapels on the dress, pink and dazzled with rhinestones or some kind of stone. This dress was especially strange when she wore it while doing a service in her “church”, but it is nonetheless a stunning look.

Blue and yellow Vixen uniforms

Shared photo of Cheryl cheering in Riverdale.

The Vixens were Cheryl’s pride and joy while she also went to school and out of school. It was a miracle that she did not get to tailor her Vixen uniform to her favorite fiery scarlet color, but blue and gold were the school colors, and they suited Cheryl well.

There was a summer and winter version of the uniform, where one was sleeveless and the other had long sleeves that covered over. More than the outfit, Cheryl was so overjoyed to cheer that she automatically looked amazing, no matter how amazing the uniform was.

Pink Bejeweled Dress

Shared photo of Cheryl hosting a party in Riverdale.

Cheryl took a leaf out of the 20s with this flapper-inspired dress with a modern touch. She hosted her whimsical party wearing this stunning strapless dress with a ribbon of sparkling rhinestones and pearls, and many layers of ornate tassels that abounded around the beautiful pink fabric of her dress.

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She accessories with a matching diamond choker and a pair of rings on her fingers, along with a free-flowing half-up hairstyle that was also a welcome change from her otherwise very styled hair.

Black floral dress

Pictured (L - R): KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Madelaine Patsch as Cheryl Blossom and Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper in Riverdale.

Season 6 saw Cheryl sometimes wear very different clothes, and this black floral dress was a refreshing departure from her usual buttoned outfits on Riverdale. The silhouette was a staple of her closet, but the pink floral print on black was unlike anything she’s worn before.

In hindsight, the clothes were perhaps a little too cheerful for the impending sacrifice of Archie in Rivervale, but it certainly suited the fun city games before that.

All white Farmie dress

Cheryl heads Farmies in Riverdale.

One of the most hated stories in Riverdale was the one with the Farm, but Cheryl really leaned into the Farm’s dirty tricks, and the aesthetic as well. Her all-white Farmie outfit was scary but incredibly beautiful at the same time.

She paired a prim and proper white mini skirt with a gorgeous white top, studded with pearls at the neckline and sleeves. Besides Toni, Cheryl was easily the best dressed Farmie, and out of all her white outfits, this one took the cake.

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