Poker Tower Defense, a mix of classic poker and tower defense, is out now on Android and iOS

Have you ever wondered if a card game like Poker could be paired with the strategy-based tower defense genre? Com2uS is ready to introduce this unique combination of games with Poker Tower Defense, a real-time tactical tower defense game that combines the rules of traditional poker with captivating strategic battles. Depending on the style of play, everyone can create their own set of hero and soldier cards with different benefits.

Poker Tower Defense, a mix of classic poker and tower defense, is out now on Android and iOS

Poker Tower Defense takes place in the magical world of Diamond Kingdom, a land overflowing with diamond mines. An area overflowing with gems will definitely have some greedy people trying to get their fingers in it, and it’s up to the player to save the Diamond Kingdom from enemies. Players take on the role of the card master, who participates in solo and duo tournaments to increase their defensive abilities. Soldier cards are involved in each hand of the battle, and cards can then be combined to create unique abilities to defeat opponents.

Currently, everyone can participate in three different game modes. Check them out below:

  • Versus Mode – This will be a 1v1 match. Players enter the arena by paying an entry fee and fight over where the winner will get their entry fee back, will win the opponent’s bet and also a chest.
  • Duo Mode – Two players can team up to control their own boards while defending Diamond City. Card skills and hero skills will be applicable across the board, allowing for greater coordination and enhancing the pair’s strength.
  • Challenge Modes – Below, the King Quest mode is a 50-story tower-like dungeon where it is difficult to reinforce each floor. The Last Hero Standing Mode will create league matches between players, where players can stand in different levels such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium and diamond.

Poker Tower Defense can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free in-app purchase.

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