Pokémon Art recreates fan-favorite pocket monsters as iconic superheroes

A fan gathered a group of remarkable Pokémon through a crossover series depicting the beloved Pocket Monsters as various superheroes from Marvel and DC.

The fourth and most recent participation in the mashup series of Jailbrooklyn puts the Bug / Steel-type Scizor in the rocket boots of Marvel’s Iron Man. The overall design apparently unites mon and color, with Iron Man’s characteristic arc reactors and repulsors integrated with the insectoid’s breastpiece and claws. The helmet is also particularly notable for its blended design, replacing Scizor’s features with a golden faceplate while still maintaining familiarity by preserving the Pokémon’s distinctive head shape.

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Jailbrooklyn has previously uploaded three other supermon works for fans to enjoy. These include Gengar’s fusion with the symbiote from Married, Lucario and Riolu’s Welcome to Batman’s Family of Crime Fighters and Alakazam’s Traces of the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. There is also more on the way when the creator commented that they are currently working on another piece that combines Snorlax with Marvel’s infamous Kingpin, along with possible plans for a Hawkeye / Decidueye synthesis.

A fusion with the various masks of the thriving superhero genre is far from out of character Pokémon series. Created in 1996, Pokémon‘s long list of originals and collaborators cemented it as one of the most successful names in game history. Although it started as an RPG for Nintendo’s Game Boy, it quickly branched out into other forms of entertainment and made itself a household name through its productive media presence. From the original beloved video games to even one Pokémon-themed clothing collaboration with Converse, consumers would be hard pressed to find a part of popular culture where Pokémon have not yet puzzled.

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The latest entry for their video game titles is Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which will take place in the same region as the franchise’s previously debuted title, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Seen before the modern era of mainline games, players will be welcomed into Hisui land, as the relationship between humans and Pokémon was still marked by mistrust. Another trailer Legends also revealed that while the game sought to preserve the core gameplay loop of the long-running franchise, there are new features aimed at innovating the series’ proven formula – such as new types of Alpha Pokémon and a more active action-style combat system.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be released for the Nintendo Switch on January 28th.

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Source: Reddit

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