Is The CW’s Naomi Bisexual?

Is The CW’s Naomi Bisexual?

The CWs Naomi captured our hearts with the premiere Tuesday night. The debut sets Kaci Walfall’s titular character up as one super-smart black girl that everyone is addicted to. It also establishes her as someone who is queer without a dramatized coming-out moment. Naomi’s potential love interests include her ex-boyfriend Nathan (Daniel Puig) and her friends Anthony (Will Meyers) and Lourdes (Camila Moreno). Their scenes with flirting are subtle and authentic.

What’s even bigger is that Naomi’s parents, Greg (Barry Watson) and Jennifer (Mouzam Makkar), do not make her love life a big deal the way other teen dramas tend to do. “It’s not about who you date, it’s about making a choice,” Greg tells Naomi over the dinner table as she discusses her many love interests.

“Naomi is authentic herself, so of course people will be attracted to it,” Walfall told TVLine as she discussed the sexual agility of her characters and several pursuers. “She’s a teenager too, so expect the unexpected when it comes to her love life.”

Naomi showrunner and executive producer Jill Blankenship discussed the character’s sexuality in an interview with Syfy Wire. “Children’s contemporary attitude towards sexuality and their aversion to labels is so inspiring and grounded in reality. We wanted to bring it to the show and get it running through the series,” Blankenship said of how Naomi is not limited by labels. I’m definitely excited to see where Naomi’s love life goes!

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