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Blakeman is not mistaken for the far right

Since Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman signed an executive order last week that the state’s school mask mandate would now be optional by district, he has been torn down by prominent Democrats as well as education leaders. Governor Kathy Hochul, State Education Commissioner Betty Rosa and a number of legal experts say Blakeman can also not force districts to take a vote on whether the mandate should be circumvented by the end of the month.

However, the response from the Republican establishment has been muted, and party insiders say it is because mainstream GOP officials see no benefit in proclaiming a legally impotent ordinance or in creating enemies in the anti-mandate society by opposing one.

But far to the right, how much of the energy that pushed the GOP on Long Island to great success in the November election, Blakeman’s order has quickly made him a hero … and made Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone a lobbying target.

The Facebook page for Suffolk County’s Moms For Liberty, a local department that has garnered 5,000 followers since its launch in May, is asking residents “TELL BELLONE TO STAND WITH BLAKEMAN,” arguing that the state mandates masking in schools, as well as masking for county workers and in companies that Blakeman also tried to stop in Nassau was to end in Suffolk.

On Monday, Bellone told The Point that his office has received dozens of emails and phone calls asking him to follow in Blakeman’s footsteps, and some have been quite aggressive and even profane. Bellone also said they have received calls opposing Blakeman’s move.

On the “Long Island Loud Majority” Facebook page, whose members and leaders have been central to Long Island meetings opposing mandates for vaccines and masks, they are pushing a new hashtag, #IStandWithBruce. That post asks members to “flood social media accounts” with support for Blakeman because “special interests mobilize with dirt and intimidating propaganda.”

When Long Island school board seats and library trusteeships were won by conservative political newcomers who were angry about curricula, which they say focused on “critical race theory” and school policies related to COVID-19 last year, the energy came from the grassroots wing “Patriot” of the GOP. Campaigns for seminars led by locally elected Republicans on how to win seats on the school board are now a frequent fixture on the pages.

Whether the tightly controlled Republican Party will keep the reins or hand them over to this amorphous group of activists is unclear. But Blakeman, a bulwark in the GOP establishment, goes to great lengths to convince newcomers that he is with them.

– Lane filler @lanefiller

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There will be consequences

  • Cyber ​​Ninjas, the Florida firm whose coverage of Arizona’s 2020 presidential election was widely ridiculed, declared itself insolvent and fired all its staff after a judge fined it $ 50,000 a day for contempt for refusing to resign. records of its notification. Maybe someone should do an audit.
  • Experts say we must learn to live with COVID-19. OK, but will we live with a death rate like the flu, or like the one we’ve seen lately? And if it’s somewhere in between, how much death can we then learn to live with?
  • Recently released texts show that several Fox News hosts acted as unofficial advisers to former President Donald Trump. Not that we needed the lyrics to know that.
  • Since he was expelled from Twitter, former President Donald Trump’s favoritism ratings have improved and Twitter’s user numbers have increased. Wait, that was a win-win?
  • The House committee, which is investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol, requested that the Republican rep. Jim Jordan collaborated with the study. Jordan declined. The coziness is over, what now?
  • Arkansas GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson said anyone who believes in the “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump does not demonstrate leadership – but Hutchinson did, just by saying so.
  • New York Mayor Eric Adams named his brother Bernard, a former police sergeant, a NYPD deputy commissioner in charge of the mayor’s personal safety, saying, “If I have to put my life in anyone’s hands, I’ll put it in the hands of someone I trust. deep down. ” And the only person who fit that bill was his brother?
  • New Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and the new NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell made history when they took office. But as Sewell now criticizes Bragg for prosecution policies, she says they are too lenient, they no longer write history – they follow it.
  • He was a defiant man by refusing to play stereotypical film roles, remaining cool in the heat every night and blossoming like a lily in the field to become one of the great actors of his generation and a pioneer for legions of black actors to follow. RIP, Sidney Poitier.

– Michael Dobie @mwdobie

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