A24 and Ti Wests X get first creepy poster prior to trailer release

We have barely recovered Lamb, but indie-darling A24 is already teasing its next horror film, x, with an eerie poster. x is written and directed by You vest, the filmmaker behind The house of the devil and The innkeepers, and one of the original partners on V / H / S horror anthology franchise.

x kept under absolute secrecy, and the only thing we know about the film so far is that it follows the production of an adult film in a secluded farmhouse in Texas. While that alone does not tell us much, A24 is known for releasing disturbing horror films, and given West’s experience with the genre, we are certainly looking at something sinister. The red colors on the new poster and the suspicious drops of blood slipping from a pair of bare legs are also a good indication that something will go extremely wrong in this adult movie set.

The poster also features a “plowing service” van parked in front of an old house, a nod to the old pornographic cliché about the plumber being seduced by a lonely woman. More disturbing, however, is the old woman standing on the porch of the house and looking with empty eyes at the female figure coming from the garden and hidden by the poster frame. Finally, the slogan “dying to show you a good time” mixes the language of the sex industry with horror to build our collective hype for a film that seems to have everything to be an original and eerie ride.

Image via MPI Media Group

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x the cast includes some horror experts, such as Jenna Ortega (SCREAM, you) and Mia Goth (Suspiria, A cure for well-being). Other contributors include Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi) (Do not look up, Crib show) and Brittany Snow (Balaften, Pitch perfectly).

While A24 is no stranger to critically acclaimed films such as Room and Moonlight, the distribution company is mainly remembered as the home of some of the best horror movies of the last decade. A24 helped start his career Robert Eggers by releasing VVitch and Ari Aster by producing Hereditary, where both Eggers and Aster became two of the most influential voices of contemporary horror. A24 would also produce Eggers’ The lighthouse and Asters Midsummer, and is currently producing Aster’s third film, Disappointment Blvd.

The trailer should also give us more details about the film’s plot and surroundings. Check x‘s poster below, and do not forget to return for the full trailer.

x-ti-west-a24 poster

Joaquin Phoenix and Joker
Ari Aster’s next film, ‘Disappointment Blvd.’, stars Joaquin Phoenix

Can’t wait to be traumatized.

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