Tom Holland could produce No Way Home sequel with new Spider-Man actor

If there is one Spider-Man 4 without Tom Holland, the six-time Spidey star wants to continue with the franchise – as a producer. Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman confirmed to Cartoon the studio is committed to at least one more Spider-Man appearance in a Disney-Marvel movie, but Holland says he is not contractually obligated to return to the role after Spider-Man: No Way Home. While the 25-year-old actor is planning his next steps – he will star in and produce Sony Uncharted before reuniting with Spider Man producer Amy Pascal for a Fred Astaire biography – The Netherlands is facing an uncertain future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Honestly, I do not know the answer to that [my Spider-Man future]. There have been talks about the future of Spider-Man. Whether it will be with me, I’m not so sure yet, “Holland said The Hollywood Reporter. “Maybe I’ll become a producer or something I do not know. But I know I love this character and I would be sorry to say goodbye, but I have achieved pretty much everything I wanted to achieve as this character. ”

“I really think I want to win an Oscar for this film, so it’s great,” Holland said. “I’m ready. I’m ready to say goodbye.”

Not ready to say goodbye: Pascal and Marvel Studios Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige, who confirmed that Sony and Disney are working together on a potential Spider-Man 4.

“Amy and I and Disney and Sony are talking about – yes, we’re actively starting to develop where the story is heading,” Feige said. New York Times of one No way home succeeds, “which I only say directly because I do not want fans to go through any separation trauma like what happened after Far from home. That will not happen this time. ”

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As Spider Man trilogy director Jon Watts continues to restart Fantastic Four for Disney-Marvel, Holland takes a break from web-swinging.

“I think it’s important [Spider-Man] must take a break. We need to allow the audience to let him breathe and figure out how to bring this character back if we bring this character back. I think he’s showing up for a cameo [in Fantastic Four] would defeat the purpose, “Holland said in an earlier interview.” While I would love to be in that movie [because] I love Jon and would be really excited to see what he does with Fantastic Four, I think what we need to do with Spider-Man is let it breathe and almost let the audience tell us what they want Garden.”

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Spider-Man: No Way Home now playing in the cinema.


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