Orange zone, Rasi: “Italy is approaching”. Anesthetists: expected + 70% in resuscitation

Rome, December 19, 2021 – The Nightmare orange zone threatens between New Year’s Eve and Befana. Next Thursday, December 23 at Mario Draghi it could decide on a tightening that will take effect after Santo Stefano. The data says this, and Guido Rasi, Asked if Italy is heading for orange, he confirms: “I’m afraid that we are getting closer because the occupancy of hospital beds continues to rise. ” Also because there is a risk that Omicron is changing things, from vaccinations to green passports, and Rasi emphasizes: “If the vaccine is punctured, it is another virus”. Alessandro Vergallo, the chairman of the Italian Hospital Anesthesia Association (Aaroi-Emac) assumes in the next 2-3 weeks approx. 1700 hospitalized patients on intensive care units, and suggests a tough lockdown for the unvaccinated.

Covid Bulletin of 19 December. Infections Italy and regions

In the evening, the Minister of Health said, Roberto Speranza, explained that “no decision was made, there will be a flash survey tomorrow and only on Thursday based on the data we will make our assessment. There is an element of concern on the part of the government, we are discussing and will evaluate possible solutions. “Today, he added,” Italy is the country in the EU that hasmore extensive vaccination obligation for different categories. Then we will verify the epidemiological data and also the extent of the Omicron variant. The measures we choose will always be weighted according to the situation. “


According to the scientific adviser to the Covid emergency extraordinary commissioner Figliuolo, Italy is approaching the orange zone. The solution is in vaccines: “It is therefore important to take the third dose immediately, it is a race against time”.

According to Rasi, one can say that the Delta variant is “somewhat under control of the third doses in terms of prevention of serious illness and infection”, the problem will be to see what happens to Omicron, which “can destroy the cards completely”. “The study from the Imperial College of London estimates with two doses of serum a protection of 20-50% from Omicron,” while the three doses protect from 50 to 70% for symptomatic forms, but it is still not clear what the protection will be. from. ‘infection”.

So to date “the green passport therefore has the validity that we know, but in a month it can be rethought. If Omicron fails the vaccine it means that it is a completely different virus. Now this green passport makes sense, but with a other variant completely different things can change “, warns Rasi. And remember that “the green passport certifies a person’s status” and “the super green passport tells us that she has been vaccinated for a limited period, it allows us to have a more or less calculated risk of how many people can become infected “.

“We hope that the sequencing of the virus will increase significantly: this activity alone tells us exactly what type of variant we are facing. But only 70 laboratories contribute to the platform provided by the Higher Institute of Health and 70 laboratories for 60 million Italians are few “, the limit of the fight against Covid is identified by the scientific consultant from Figliuolo in the program ‘Half an hour more’. “Little data is collected and slow. We risk knowing the extent of the virus’ progress late, which delays important decisions.”

Alessandro Vergallo, president of the Italian Hospital Anesthesia Association (Aaroi-Emac), which looks at the rising trend of infections and hospitalizations, warns: “In the next 2-3 weeks we expect a 70% increase in the number of beds admitted in intensive care. Covid patients and thus reached about 1700 patients admitted to intensive care “. Today, the seats are at intensive “9 thousand, but not all effective, and about a thousand are occupied. But it is unrealistic to think of being able to increase the number further because there is a shortage of doctors. That is not the solution, we can not push the system yet “.

Vergallo proposes a drastic solution to avoid an endless increase in the number of intensive care and medical areas: “Adopt more drastic social containment measures to curb the circulation of the virus, such as the stringent lockdown for the unvaccinated”. We must hurry after the President of Aaroi. “We have some time to deal with more restrictive measures and prevent an increase in cases and hospitalizations. On the contrary, there has been a relaxation of cautious behavior, also because they are approaching holidays.” Vergallo does not rule out protests from “anesthetists and emergency room doctors up to the strike if policy continues to propose multiplication of beds in intensive care and medical care as the only solution to deal with the worsening of the pandemic wave, regardless of the chronic shortage of medical staff and health workers” “.

To date, it is known that Calabria, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the province of Bolzano will join from Monday in the yellow zone Liguria, Marche, Veneto and the province of Trento bring 12 million Italians into the yellow ribbon. And from 27 December, Lombardy, Lazio and Emilia Romagna are also in the danger zone. But there are also those who risk more: Friuli moves towards orange. And if it is not the 27th, the second date is Monday, January 3, 2022 (probably the date of the possible passage in orange).

“We will evaluate the consistency of the measures by reflecting with our scientists”. Roberto Speranza, at Che tempo che fa on Rai3, is not unbalanced in terms of the measures the government is preparing to implement to cope with the wave of Covid in the omicron variant. “We made some choices – stressed the Minister of Health -, the state of emergency was extended, the level of attention was raised with regard to arrivals from abroad and from other European countries”. “The use of maybe and gap today they are more important than ever: we need everyone’s contribution, the institutions must do their part, we ask citizens to make an effort for behavior and also for the vaccination campaign, because the third dose is the best shield we have “. in this regard, he concluded, “in the first two days” of vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years, “over 52,000 children received the first dose, among these are also my two children, Michele and Emma “.

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