Is it going to snow in Vancouver Christmas Day?

The forecast says snow is possible on Christmas day.

As Christmas Day approaches, Vancouver is expected to get some winter weather.

While the weekend offered warmer temperatures, things will remain a bit cooler from Monday, December 20th. A high temperature of 1 C is expected to start the week out, with sunny skies, and overnight it will drop to -4 C.

Tuesday is, when the clouds are expected to arrive, with a mix of weather forecast; Environment Canada expects showers, thunderstorms and sun through the day, and as the evening comes, snow and rain will come with it. Temperatures during the day can only be 1 C, and at night they will hover around 0 C.

That system will continue for a while, with both Wednesday and Thursday forecast for a high temperature of 3 C. Rain, showers and in some cases showers are expected throughout.

Friday, also called Christmas Eve, will see a slight drop during the day, with a high temperature of 2 C and snow or rain falling. That evening, Environment Canada expects temperatures to drop to -4 C with ever-decreasing snow.

Christmas Day, the most remote environment Canada is predicting online right now, is expected to see a maximum of 0 C.

With periods of snow.

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