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The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to add any help they can during the season to improve the team’s chances of winning the NBA Championship in 2022. While the Lakers right now might just be trying to add depth with the covid-19 rise in the league, it would be huge to add a valuable rotating player to the playoffs.

Certain signings, such as Isaiah Thomas, are literally only for depth because of the covid-19 rise. While some want to see the Lakers pick Thomas up for the rest of the season, he’s not really adding anything new to LA.

Other signings could be with the playoffs in mind, and one of those potential signings is Danuel House. House was recently released by the Houston Rockets, who converted Garrison Mathews to a four-year, $ 8 million NBA contract. Because of House’s status on the competing Rockets teams of the past, he’s become one that Laker fans want to see in LA.

Danuel House, however, would not add anything to the Los Angeles Lakers.

I’m totally in favor of the Los Angeles Lakers making additions if something does not work. However, the team has made it very clear that they are limiting their spending to a certain capacity because they are so high above the luxury tax limit. That’s the whole reason the Lakers signed Avery Bradley to a non-guaranteed contract: so they could release him without having to pay his full salary.

Bradley is the only player on the Lakers that the team can release without essentially adding a whole new contract to the books, and although he has not been great this season, the Lakers should not release him to Danuel House.

So the Lakers would have to release someone like Kent Bazemore to make room for the House. And as bad as Bazemore has been, House is simply not good enough to justify the luxury tax payments the team is apparently trying to avoid.

House was a valuable three-point shooter for the Houston Rockets when James Harden was in MVP form, but since then House has not done much of anything for Houston. Since the start of the 2019-20 season, House is shooting 35.4% from beyond the arc and 41.2% from the field.

House does nothing on the offense other than shoot threes, and he does not even do so well. The last thing the Lakers need is another one-dimensional offensive player who does not even do the one dimension he is supposed to be good at.

House is not so good defensively either. Although he’s not terrible, he’s been below average over the last couple of seasons and would not have a noticeable impact on the Lakers’ perimeter defense. He would not be better than someone like Bazemore, as we mentioned, played really bad.

If this move was completely free, then why not. Bring him in depth until a better opportunity comes. But because of the luxury-tax consequences and the team’s desire not to spend much, it’s clear that Danuel House does not make much sense to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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