[WATCH] Pete Davidson plays washed out in ‘SNL’ sketch

from last night SNL was very unusual. Just hours before it went live, the show revealed they had to send home most of the cast and crew, plus musical guest Charli XCX, due to a massive spike in COVID cases, all thanks to the Omicron variant. (Get boosted — or vaxxed — if you haven’t.) The show still went on, sort of. Host Paul Rudd was there, as were guests Tom Hanks and Tina Fey, plus cast members Keenan Thompson and Michael Che. But the bulk of the episode consisted of pre-recorded sketches they filmed over the course of the week, plus some random old sketches.

One of the pre-pasted pieces was called “An Evening with Pete”. (“Here’s a sketch we filmed at 5 a.m. this morning,” Rudd told viewers in a short intro.) It’s about, yes, Pete Davidson, catching up more than three decades into the future, in the year 2054. As Rudd noted from, the inspiration was Raging Bull, one of Martin Scorsese’s enduring greats, chronicling the decline of Jake LaMotta (Robert De Niro) from boxing champion to washed-up nightclubs.

And that’s what happens to Pete Davidson in the sketch. He has a sad white suit, a receding hairline and an army of bitter jokes to tell the public that wants to see him do Chad, his breakout. SNL character. “Do you know the difference between Gilligan’s Island and Staten Island? One is full of a bunch of idiots stuck there for the rest of their lives, and the other is an old TV show,” he bursts out, sitting next to a broken Android version of Colin Jost.

Eventually, Davidson reconnects with an old SNL staff writer (Rudd), who reminds him that he is responsible for his best old jokes. In return, Davidson will gift him “one of my Oscars,” which happens to be Viola Davis’ Lifetime Achievement Award. And there’s also Machine Gun Kelly’s urn.

You can check out the sketch in the video above.


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