Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian take advantage of Night Off, catch ‘Spider-Man’ on Staten Island

With a last-minute evening from work at Saturday Night Live (the show continued, but in a very changed way), Pete Davidson did what millions of others did over the weekend: He went and saw Spider-Man: No Way Home. But unlike everyone else, he brought along Kim Kardashian as his date.

As reported by PEOPLE, saw the couple, who previously appeared as teenage parrots in public at Knott’s Berry Farm, Tom Holland and zendayastar superhero image at a theater in Davidson’s quirky hometown of Staten Island. Kardashian comrade Scott Disick joined as a third wheel.

After the audience-friendly movie, the band took over to Angelina’s, an Italian restaurant deep in the heart of serious Staten Island, near Outerbridge Crossing to New Jersey.

A TikTok video from a user named Rosiromao and her two friends, who appear to know the owner of Angelina’s, announced the party’s arrival in a show that competes with Kathryn Hunter‘s latest trip as the three weird sisters in The tragedy of Macbeth. No, none of the women warned “something with BDE coming this way,” but one boasted of a “French twist, sexy blowout,” while another cooed, “look at her!” It is fantastic.

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According to a user named Helene V. on Yelp, Angelina’s baked mussels are amazing.

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