Paul Rudd’s Saturday Night Live Was Completely Disrupted And Weird, Thanks To Omicron – BoilingNews

As we mentioned, this episode of “Saturday Night Live” marked the fifth time Paul Rudd hosted the show. It has become common on “SNL” for hosts who reach this milestone to be inducted into the “Five-Timers Club,” complete with a nice, plush robe. Unfortunately, this honor didn’t shake for Rudd in nearly as rewarding a way as we’ve seen before, thanks to the limited cast and crew.

Tom Hanks started the show on the main stage in his own Five-Timers Club garb, and he was joined by fellow frequent host and former cast member Tina Fey. After some quick chatter, they brought out Rudd, who kept the energy up despite the “disappointing” circumstances which he playfully acknowledged right away. Kenan Thompson had the honor of giving Rudd his beautiful robe, although this episode actually only counts four and a half times.

This sort of thing is awkward without a live audience, even though Tom Hanks and the limited crew tried to make as much noise as possible with all the applause they could muster. Fortunately, Steve Martin helped brighten things up with a recorded message next to Martin Short (keep a close eye on one of his hands as he gives a drink to his ‘Only Murders in the Building’ co-star). The video was “accidentally” made for Tom Hanks, but a sloppy audio adaptation turned it into a congratulation for Paul Rudd instead.

Congratulations, Paul Rudd. Hopefully “SNL” will bring you back sometime next year to do this a little better. While this situation is a bit of a shame, it certainly made “SNL” history, and it’s undoubtedly one that Rudd and the rest of us won’t soon forget.

Thankfully, the whole show didn’t go this way. A handful of pre-recorded sketches had been made for what the live show would have been like, and they aired last night in between a few different holiday sketches from previous seasons. So let’s dig into the new sketches.

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