Giulia killed at the age of 31 in the motorhome where she lived with her Brazilian partner. It is being investigated for murder, but he denies it

BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VICENZA) – Found dead inside the motorhome where he lived, with a wound on his forehead, a sign of a violent blow, perhaps inflicted with a blunt object. Potentially, signs of female homicide have the end of Giulia Rigon, 31, of Vicenza, originally from the Asiago Plateau, body found this morning, December 19, in the old white Fiat ‘Arca’ camper, where he spent his days with his partner, a 28 years of Brazilian origin. It was he who sounded the alarm this morning, calling 118 and claiming her partner had fallen. But the injuries, after the first medical findings, would seem incompatible with the outcome of a fall; rather with a blow to the head of the victim with something.

The investigation

The investigation is open to the murder hypothesis. The man was taken to the barracks, and for long hours he was heard, first by the Carabinieri and then by the prosecutor Serena Chimichi, after conducting an inspection in the criminal area. The man, however, pleads not guilty and goes on to repeat that Giulia’s death was due to the fall. The crime scene is a parking area for vehicles in via Capitelvecchio in Bassano. Behind the clearing some warehouses and some houses. In the parking lot, in addition to the couple’s vehicle, there are often other campers left there by the owners waiting for the summer. But for Giulia and her partner, both homeless, this motorhome was the ‘home’ where one could find shelter from the cold of winter.

The crime scene

According to an initial reconstruction, the couple had also spent this last night in the motorhome. On the spot, immediately after the alert, Carabinieri from Bassano arrived with the forensic and forensic pathologist. Then came the judge, who must shed light on a bloody event that this time could also be inscribed in a story of marginalization and social unrest.

Too many murders of women

And if Veneto gets right into the tragic list of homicides in 2021, the province of Vicenza was the one with the highest numbers. From September, this may actually be the third homicide in the Vicenza area, after Nigerian Rita Amenze, killed by her husband on September 10 in front of the company where she worked, in Noventa, and 21-year-old Alessandra Zorzin, killed with a shot in the face on September 15 in Montecchio Maggiore by his girlfriend, Marco Turrin, who had committed suicide after his escape.


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