Trevor Noah drags anti-mask who wore a red thong on his head and compared himself to Rosa Parks – BoilingNews

on Thursday evening, The daily showTrevor Noah was aiming for a particularly absurd example of anti-mask protest.

“While we are being reminded of how serious this pandemic is, there are still people who are calling it just a… small a little lighter,” Noah announced.

He then introduced a man named Adam Jenne from Cape Coral — yes, in Florida — who decided to mask himself on a recent United Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport by wearing red thong underwear on his head (ladies to to start up). He was subsequently kicked off the plane and banned from future United Airlines flights.

In a video he posted online after the ridiculous episode, Jenne said he had worn underwear on his head as a mask since the start of the pandemic, even comparing himself to Rosa Parks.

“Rosa Parks? My man, don’t be so humble! You’re more than Rosa Parks! If anything, you’re the Martin Luther King of white guys who compare themselves to black heroes for no reason. Shit!” exclaimed Noah, adding: “You know, sometimes I think conservatives are right: America shouldn’t teach the history of racism in schools because then at least whites wouldn’t know who to compare themselves to after getting kicked out of planes for doing stupid shit.”

The comedian then suggested that: could be Jenne just has a kinky for wearing panties on his head and has used the pandemic as a handy excuse to explain away his bizarre behavior.

“And by the way, can we all agree that this guy didn’t just sniff thongs during the pandemic?” asked Noah. I bet he’s been going around for years like, ‘Well, looks like I got kicked out of the dorm for being the Rosa Parks of my sister’s friends’ underwear drawer again! Yes, someone has to do it!’”

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