The best deal in wireless service is back

Sarah Tew/CNET

I use my phone all the time, whether I’m at home, with friends, or traveling for work, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to pay a lot for my wireless service. During the pandemic, prices for wireless networks fell and offers to switch carriers were attractive again, but lately they have risen again. This applies to almost all providers, except for mint mobile, which continues to impress with some impressive discounts.

At the moment, the wireless provider, which uses T-Mobile’s nationwide network, offers two different options for getting free service.

The first offer is quite simple. like you prepay for three months of service, each service, you get another three months free of the same plan. If you took the cheapest plan, which includes unlimited calls and texts and 4 GB of data per month, you’d pay a total of $45 for six months of service. That equates to just $7.50 a month, which you can’t get anywhere near any other provider. If you wanted to go all-in and get the unlimited plan, it would run you $90 for the six-month period, or $15 per month.

Are you ready for a new phone along with your new provider? If you make the switch and buy one of these phones from Mint Mobile with 12 months of service, Mint Mobile will double that for you. With it, you can get an Android phone for as little as $360, with two years of service, or an iPhone for $579, with two years of service.

It’s time to stop overpaying for your wireless service and treat yourself to one of these two great deals from Mint Mobile so you can spend money on things you want instead of need.

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