Sydney theaters have released a joint statement on the Covid precautions they are following

Most of Sydney’s theaters have banded together and issued a combined statement announcing that all theaters will continue to operate with certain Covid-Safe rules to keep audiences, staff and performers safe.

These rules apply to all theater halls and mean that all visitors must be fully vaccinated (with the exception of people under the age of 16) until January 31, 2022. Wearing a mask also remains mandatory in theater halls and indoor areas (except when you eat and drink).

The rack is reading: “We recognize the continued risk of Covid-19 and are committed to operating in a manner that ensures the safety and well-being of all our stakeholders.”

“As a collective of theaters operating in Sydney, we believe that consistency across theater venues provides assurance and safety to our performers, audiences, collaborators, partners, donors, funders and other stakeholders, benefiting the industry as a whole, as well as individuals. theater companies and producers, both large and small.”

The theaters that co-signed the agreement on December 10 and abide by these rules include: Bell Shakespeare, Belvoir St Theatre, Darlinghurst Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Flight Path Theatre, Griffin Theatre, Hayes Theater Co, Kings Cross Theatre, NIDA, Red Line Productions, Seymour Center and Sydney Theater Company.

The Lyric Theatre, where the hit musical Hamilton currently occurring is not part of this statement. Proof of vaccination is not required to enter this theater, however wearing a mask is still mandatory for all customers over 12 years old.

The newly reopened Theater Royal was also not part of the joint statement, but did release its own announcement, stating that all ticket holders for the remainder of this run of Serrated Small Pill are required to be double vaccinated (if over 16), wear a mask (if over 12) and check in via QR code.

As of December 15, the state government has lifted nearly all existing restrictions, including wearing masks in covered locations, QR code check-ins at locations and requiring people to be double-punched to enter non-essential businesses. However, this date coincided with an unprecedented increase in Covid cases in NSW, associated with the presence of the highly contagious new Omicron variant.

Without government mandates, companies are left to their own devices as to what health measures they enforce. It’s encouraging to see these arts venues, which are part of one of the worst-hit industries of the pandemic, taking steps to ensure we can still get out as safely as possible. Finally, all we want for Christmas is a summer without the existential fear.

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