Smith & Daughters combine restaurant and deli in Collingwood

You may not know the name Shannon Martinez, but if you’re vegan and live in Melbourne, we’ve probably heard of her companies Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli.

After eight years supplying Melburnians with vegan takeout at Smith & Deli and meals at Smith & Daughter, Martinez is merging the two locations into a 500 square foot space in Collingwood.

This is the first time the companies will combine and they will do so in a location that Martinez hopes will become one of the largest vegan food hubs in the world. The venue will be divided into a deli with café-style seating, a large production kitchen, a supermarket and an elevated restaurant.

The recently opened deli offers ready meals, a deli providore, the vegan treats Smith & Deli is known for, and Smith & Deli dining. The new location will include 30 chairs, tables and benches for Smith & Deli customers to sit and eat their deli plates which consist of a main course, two side dishes, a dessert and a drink. Customers can take their pick at Smith & Deli’s cafeteria-style serving station. The deli will also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to eat in or take away.

The production kitchen has a glass frontage designed to help dispel the myths about vegan foods that are heavily processed. Sit back and watch the chefs at work while you eat.

The restaurant will open in early 2022 and will reportedly offer a lofty vegan dining experience with a touch of glamour.

Stay informed about the launch of restaurant Smith & Daughters via the website.

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