“Probably New Year in the yellow zone” – BoilingNews

There are at least a thousand positives who do not respect the quarantine in Rome. The calculation is the councilor for health in the Lazio region Alessio D’Amato, who talks about it today with the messenger: “A thousand people who came in contact with positives did not put themselves in preventive self-isolation and did not warn of ASL.” And then he continued to wander around the city as if nothing had happened. D’Amato is talking about a thousand cases that have already been revealed for the complaint from healthcare companies. Which signals a lack of cooperation among some citizens also towards the activity of contact tracking. According to the commissioner, this behavior risks the yellow zone in Lazio: “At Christmas, the region does not risk turning yellow – he told Radio Rai Avis -, but probably around New Year we could also go to the yellow zone. Attention must always be kept high – he added -. We have an advantage to defend, and we must not reduce those precautions. “

Only yesterday, December 16, over 2,600 infections were registered in Lazio, of which more than a thousand in Rome alone. The swab-to-positive ratio in the region is 5%, while the Rt infection index drops to 1.01 from 1.06 last week. A leader of a Roman ASL, contacted by the newspaper, recounts what happens: “In recent months, it was primarily children who did not communicate if they had come in contact with a positive. And they did not even tell their parents. Today, less strictly, it is above all the elderly who feel the need to go out and see their loved ones, and forty-year-olds. Through our triangulation, we discovered the case of a truck driver who had come in contact with one of his positive customers. When we told him about it, he not only replied that he knew it, but told us that we should let him be because he had to work. The same reasoning that a professional gave us by explaining that he had warned his clients but that he was going to the office and could not work from home. Therefore, he preferred not to warn the ASL. And who knows how many people behave in this way ». This increases the circulation of the virus.

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