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Nine regions and PA above 10% alarm threshold for intensive

Nine regions and autonomous provinces exceed the 10% occupancy alert threshold for Covid cases in the intensive care unit this week. They are Calabria (11.8%), ER (11.9%), FVG (18.3%), Liguria (13.7%), Marche (16.7%), Molise (10.3%), PA Bolzano (18%), PA Trento (21.1%), Veneto (15%). Eight, on the other hand, exceed the 15% alert threshold for occupying medical departments: Calabria (20.8%), FVG (22.6%), Liguria (17.9%), Marche (15.6%), PA Bolzano (16%), PA Trento (17.6%), Valle d’Aosta (18.2%), Veneto (16%). This is stated in the weekly monitoring of the control room.

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