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The President of the Region, Luca Zaia, back live to provide the latest updates on the Covid-19 emergency in Veneto. The region has exceeded all parameters regarding infections and hospitalizations, and the “yellow ribbon” starts on Monday. Meanwhile, vaccinations of children aged 5 to 11 started yesterday, and the protest against the green passport is taking place, while the situation on the buffer front is becoming more and more complex.

Zaia then announces from midnight today a new executive order anticipating the yellow zone: introduces the obligation to wear a mask and increases the frequency of screening examinations in hospitals and nursing homes. Below are the details of the live broadcast:


“The positives in the last 24 hours are many because we have added the positives that have not been loaded in the last few days: they are 5,577 out of 108,000 inoculations, that is, the incidence of 5.15. There are currently 57,038 positives, 1,254 (+24) in total admitted: 1,090 (+19) in non-critical area, 164 in intensive care (+5). We have 298 people in non-covid intensive wards, therefore more than 400 intensive workers. There have been 12,135 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, ie. 5 deaths in the last 24 hours. “


“We are in an important phase of the circulation of the virus: RT is 1.15, but we have a positive incidence of 506.3 per 100 thousand inhabitants, also due to the many inoculations that have been made. The real figures are that we are at 13% of intensive occupancy (+3 of the limit), while in the medical field we are at 15% exactly the limit that triggers the yellow area: it is likely that we will shoot yellow from Monday “


“In the age group 12-19 years, we have 1,536 positive out of 100,000 unvaccinated and 173 vaccinated, we have many ongoing infections that affect the unvaccinated population. It is clear that the vaccinated person is involved because it represents 87% of the population “.

“Vaccination is going fast, we are at 8.5 million inoculated vaccines, the third dose is 1,170,119. Yesterday more than 52 thousand inoculated doses ».


“Today, I am announcing a measure that anticipates the yellow zone. This Executive Order imposes, from midnight today, obligations:

  • mesh duty outside your home, outdoors and outdoors to the public. (Exception for children under 6 and disabled);
  • hospitals and rest homes, for all operators in service (public and private) the frequency of screening programs was increased with one test every 4 days (it was every 10;
  • mandatory test for those entering a health facility and every 4 days thereafter;
  • a single person can accompany either the guest / patient in social and health structures;
  • visits to patients / guests at social and health facilities for children under 12 years suspended;
  • the return to the family of the guests in the social and health structures has been suspended;
  • if a class is to test for a positive, quarantine is introduced pending response.

The regulation also introduces recommendations:

  • If you have symptoms such as a cold, sore throat, consult your doctor, take a cotton swab and quarantine. Do not rule out covid because 95% of cases pass in a pauci-symptomatic manner;
  • Complete the vaccination with the third booster dose. We have people who have already taken the first dose but who are delaying the second and the same for those who have the second but are waiting over 5 months to take the third;
  • Do quick do-it-yourself tests in case of family and intra-family reunions. You can buy it at pharmacies and also online, the prices vary from 1.5 to 5 euros depending on the packaging. It is a simple nose test, easy to use;
  • Ventilate the premises after and during meetings;


“In hospitals we have more than a thousand people, we are convinced that we can do a good job in the coming weeks, not only because the curve tells us that we still have a few weeks of growth, but if we behave well “We can limit the situation and to protect grandparents. Patients are almost all over 80, it is important to protect the elderly.”


“The lesser-killed province is Verona, this time the virus arrived from the east, and therefore the province of Verona is currently least affected. I hope it disappears and disappears. If we are lucky, we will pass the peak between the last week of the year and the first next year. Exactly one year ago, the worst day for us was the peak of the pandemic, both with infections and hospitalizations. Orange bogey? I would say no, we are far away: it provides 30% employment in the non-critical area and 20% in intensive care “

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Councilor Manuela Lanzarin:«Yesterday 1700 children vaccinated, bookings reached 28 thousand, we continue for the next few days. We have had the first arrival of about 120 thousand doses and another 60 thousand are expected in January. I thank the 525 free choice pediatricians in Veneto who have committed to vaccination “


Doctor Francesca Russo (Director of the Prevention Department): “Nationally and internationally, Omicron’s sequencing has increased and it is believed that in a few months it will replace the Delta variant, the downside being that this is more contagious. So far we have 6 cases in Veneto, one native and one after travel. We have increased sample sequencing. Currently, the presence in Italy is low. This variant, in addition to being contagious, also reduces the duration of neutralizing antibodies, which is why it is important to take the third dose. “

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